The Addictive Componding Interest of CUB - Beware!

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Sometime around a month and 10 days ago, the LeoFinance team dropped us a little bit of CUB, and brought our community a cost effective method of getting into DEFI without the huge expense of ETH transaction fees.

It's an fairly easy way to get into the somewhat intimidating game of DEFI. Staking tokens to earn interest at APRs that are mind blowing.


I've been finding odd wallets and looking at all my Non-Interest baring tokens ever since and slowly but surely more and more of my assets are ending up in CUB.

Bitcoin and many of my alts took a dip, but CUB just kept on earning. I still have a few bags that are committed elsewhere or earning someplace else that I am itching to get in.

While the CUB price has fluctuated between $3 and $4 it's stable enough that the compounding effect is notable in my crypto portfolio.

It's still new and I'm having to remind myself not to stick everything I have in. With compounding and time, I could see it growing into one of my most productive holdings.

tracking the exact growth and value uses a lot of moving parts, so I'm calculating simply CUB PER HOUR.

On one day the account value will be up because BNB is up and the next.. Well, you know, you do crypto too.

Imagine if the price of CUB begins to take off on top of all the compounding interest.


I've seen a few others mention powering down to go in harder, but I haven't gone that far yet, let's see what happens when the Bridge and Kingdoms go live.


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