The Alt-Coins Show Signs of Life! Crypto-Investing

1 year ago
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While I've been saying I didn't think the altcoins would recover until after BTC hits a new ATH (All Time High) the crypto markets per usual, don't care about predictions and constantly surprise.

Yesterday and today many alt-coins are showing signs of life. The screen capture above shows the Alt-coins against BTC and you can see many are having a good day, and Steem although not a top performer is also seeing some increases in volume and a 6.26 percent gain on Poloniex.


Here we can see Steem/BTC in 30-minute candles and we see some small gains.

It's just one day, but to me it is some evidence that the Alt-coins will see another season and Steem will still see some action in that market.

I have been saying we are in an Alt-Coin depression and one day doesn't change that, it could just be a day, but I think it is worthy of some optimism that Steem will recover some value when the next sustainable Alt-Season comes.

This is not trading advice, I'm just hopeful at watching the markets that there are better times ahead.

It will be interesting to see if the signs of life in the Market translates to more activity and users.