What Happens If You Remove DownVotes...

1 year ago
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This is one of their whale accounts doing pretty much what Traf does, but being more honest about it. Of course, nothing can stop him. They don't have downvotes.

If you have been around long enough you probably remember when the Whaleshares group went off to make their own fortune. They powered down their Steem accounts, made a clone and they were going to show us how it is done!


They have a pretty nice looking site, nothing beautiful.. but reasonable.

I was never able to get signed up and logged in because frankly, I am not a fan of Bitshares, but the signup process was ridiculous. I wasn't very sad about it, cause I figured it wouldn't go that well.

I heard they removed Downvotes from their economic system because... They make people feel bad.

I have good news... No one there is sad due to flags anymore.

In fact, no one is there at all anymore.

The value of a whaleshares is less than 1 bitshare.

What is one Bitshare worth?

Just food for thought.

Are you really sure you want to eliminate downvotes?