The Big Dip and Feeling Broke.. But We Aren't.

Bittrex 1 day BTC/USD Chart WHAT IS HAPPENING IN CRYPTO RIGHT NOW? Well, we love cryptocurrency because it is volatile, and almost…

Cryptocurrency Market Crash - BTC falls to $30,104

After a rough week in cryptocurrency Bitcoin BTC, take a major tumble to touch $30,104.00, before begi

LEO Roundtable Returns! | CUB Updates, LeoBridge, LeoFinance and The Future of the Project

It's been a while since our last episode of the LEO Roundtable. The community has been asking for it left and right for the past several…

30 Whales and 8690 Minnows

Stats from June 16th, 2018 on the ole Steem blockchain. arcange stats from June 2018 Source: We had: 37 Whales 260 Orcas 1686

Perfect Storm For Doge! (And a lesson for HIVE and LEO)

A PERFECT STORM FOR DOGE: Hey Everyone, Here I am again writing about DOGE, but whether you love or hate the Doge pump it's not as…