HIVE Is Going To List Shares On The Nasdaq.

The headline says it all, however, if you didn't know, there is another blockchain company in the crypto space with the name HIVE. They…

On January 7th 2021, BITCOIN Surpassed $40,000 - Here We Are Again, I Don't Know What To Expect

Through most of 2021 BTC was above $40,000 but in late March it feel below and has been bouncing between $30k and $39,000 until today when…

Is The Bitcoin Bullseason Back On?

From REUTERS: Bitcoin surged 9.83 % to $39,035.47 at 22:05 GMT on Sunday, adding $3,492.71 to its previo

Will Volcano Mining Save Bitcoin?

Source: QuoteEl Salvador's Pres

If Only There Were A Platform For Decentralized News

Funny thing about Hive is it seems someone decided "content doesn't work" and since then the focus is on policing our 9000 daily posts and…


Hey Everyone, Bitcoin testing another round of down and no one seems that sure whether we are correcting or entering a long term bear…

This is What Stable Coin Defi Was Made For...

Good Bloody Morning Everyone, First of all.. WTF. Now that I have that out of the way, if you didn't f

The Big Dip and Feeling Broke.. But We Aren't.

Bittrex 1 day BTC/USD Chart WHAT IS HAPPENING IN CRYPTO RIGHT NOW? Well, we love cryptocurrency because it is volatile, and almost…

Cryptocurrency Market Crash - BTC falls to $30,104

After a rough week in cryptocurrency Bitcoin BTC, take a major tumble to touch $30,104.00, before begi

LEO Roundtable Returns! | CUB Updates, LeoBridge, LeoFinance and The Future of the Project

It's been a while since our last episode of the LEO Roundtable. The community has been asking for it left and right for the past several…

Time to Panic, Crypto is DED - ETH, BTC, Billionaire Drama

The first story of Vitalik selling his Dog tokens, SHIB and Akita. Keep in mind he didn't buy these coins, or ask for these coins, nor…

30 Whales and 8690 Minnows

Stats from June 16th, 2018 on the ole Steem blockchain. arcange stats from June 2018 Source: We had: 37 Whales 260 Orcas 1686


I've talked about it before, but as I watch more and more people continue to insist that Doge is just a pump and dump, I am shocked they…

Our Cub is Growing Up, Are You Ready?

(image for memes) Exciting news from the Leofinance team, the upgrades and fixes they have been programming and testing are ready for…

CoinEx.com Another Path to BSC

For those of us in the US getting on to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) can be a challenge. If you have been paying attention you know that…

The Addictive Componding Interest of CUB - Beware!

Sometime around a month and 10 days ago, the LeoFinance team dropped us a little bit of CUB, and brought our community a cost effective…

Perfect Storm For Doge! (And a lesson for HIVE and LEO)

A PERFECT STORM FOR DOGE: Hey Everyone, Here I am again writing about DOGE, but whether you love or hate the Doge pump it's not as…

Bitcoin CRASHED and You Are Poor, For Now - Hype and Utility Matters

The picture depicts my Bittrex trading account. A place where I leave some cryptocurrencies that I might want to trade or have easy…

Doge Pump, ETH Hard Fork Troubles and Alt Season

Hey Everyone, What a crazy and fun crypto day! The top story has to be DOGE, which has gone completely insane. Full disclosure, I…

ByteBall Drop from 2018

Some of the People who have been around forever will remember the Byteball drop we received in 2018. It was for a promotion for their new…