These numbers just keep looking better and better.

Hi music lovers and artists, I wanna thank you again for the amazing opportunity that you give me with the Radio Station. Just a kin

How is going so far with our Radio Station?

Hi there music lovers, is nice to see that more and more of you are turning on the Radio Sta

Finally 5k Vibes Power - Vibes Giveaway

I have successfully reached the 1/2 of my Vibes power target. The goal remains the same 10k vibes power as soon as possible and if the…

The biggest payout that was paid by our chain.

Not long time ago, 5 years, when the bitcoin was around 600$, the old steem blockchain was something crazy. With a lot of dev that set…

Thanks LEO for the Defi opportunity

I'm not a crazy investor, that goes all in, and because of that I never tried defi. I always liked the idea but the crazy eth fee was a…

Risingstargame - WIMH Tounament - Prize Pool 5000 Starbits Daily + Rare Card

For the next week I want to invite you to the WIMH Tournament where we are looking for active rising stars that want to fight for a…