I lied to You - This is My Real Bear Market Plan

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bmps.png *For those of you that read my last two articles, my midterm outlook on the crypto market is kinda bearish indeed.

Bitcoin Biggest Crashes - Is an 80% Dip Normal?

Every cycle Bitcoin Drops 84% from its Top - Will this cycle be different?

And then I wrote this one Yesterday: Why I Prefer This Bear Market

And I ended the article telling you all I will be hibernating till the bulls are back. But that was a Lie, sorry but it fitted so well with the bearishness.

So what am I really Planning for these coming 12-18 months?

Well, first thing I am doing is not worry about the halving of my portfolio over these last couple of months. Or about losing another 30-40% in the months to come.

Based on my analysis (in the two articles I shared at the start of this article) I will recover around those losses by this time next year. So well just keep holding what I got.

I expect a further dip as per the below graph, so I will be buying BTC on the way down.


I will not be buying ALTS for now because as I expect to at least go near a 21K BTC. Hence ALTs are a bit risky at the moment. I will start buying those again around 21K and down to 14K if we ever go that low.

And well as I have not invested anything I am not willing to lose, I will not be selling till Bitcoin reaches above 48K again. Which should be around Q2 in 2023.

Why´s That?

Because I basically started buying the dip from the moment, the moment that 48K BTC support broke. So till that time I can relax and keep my sell orders on the order book.


Keep Earning

Step two is to keep on growing the Sats in my portfolio.

That means:

I will keep posting on Noise and Readcash because the dollar value of what I earn there has remained the same, but the number of BCH sats has doubled over the last 2 months since BCH went from $400 to $200.

So making twice as much sats while the effort did not change.

And holding those BCH Sats on Celsius allows me to accumulate even more sats, like CEL sats.
Of course, as the dollar value of BCH & CEL dropped significantly so did my rewards but sats are sats, and one day not so soon, it will all look greener.

The same applies to Publish0x, where I have been seeing a steady increase of followers. But since the tips were halved, the reduction of income generated is not (yet) mitigated by the increase of followers. Still, I keep diligently learning and earning (AMPL and STA) sats.

The Biggest Loser

Of all the platforms I am on the biggest Loser right now would be TORUM.

The value of their XTM dropped significantly. From 20 cents at the end of March to 5 cents in early May. But XTM has been there before, and that was less than a year ago. So when the metaverse explodes again a year (or two) from now, I am sure it will reach that $1 value again.

Scraping BAT Sats

Many of you are probably earning BAT rewards through Brave, if not you should. It ain't much but 4-6 BAT each month, but when BAT runs up to $1.75 again next bull run, that is $10 a month for using a good browser.

On top of that, as mentioned in another article, I am buying BAT from people who do not want/have an Uphold or Gemini wallet. Paying them 66,6% of their BAT value in BCH and they tip me their BAT. Stacking sats that´s all it is.

Swapping your BAT earned from Brave without using an (Uphold) Wallet

Making WAX selling some old Freebies

Selling my free NFTs, this is really the most outdated project I am still handling.

When the market crashed in May 2021 I had a look into NFTs and found that most artists started new series with a giveaway. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case, although there are some good giveaways on Twitter, it ain´t what it used to be.

Now some of those freebies ended up being worth something and some are just virtual toile paper. But I am still holding about 170 of those nfts, of which one or two get sold weekly. And even with WAX being at half of its normal price. I still have at least $20 in the pipeline.


Keep Learning

So next to stacking Sats I plan to do a lot of learning these next couple of months.

I recently deep-dived into the BTC 4-year cycle and will be looking at the price of mining one bitcoin next. That might become very interesting as BTC prices are dropping and high gas prices are also pumping the general price for electricity. With the bottom line being: at what point is a Bitcoin worth less than the price of electricity required for minting it?

DeFI other than Cake

Next to diving into those topics I still got a hell of a lot to learn about the Defi-verse.
The Only Defi I am currently involved in is CAKE DeFI but that has very little to do with Decentralized Finance. Still as I make about 2 DFI a week holding 80 DFI, a year from now that could be another $400.


And then I just picked up a whole new stream of income through Listnerds which needs some more investigation and understanding as well.

Oh and one more thing, I am playing around with creating GIFs and I hope to also improve those skills.

Keep Writing

But above all, I am a writer, or I think I am. And I have been focussing on writing more these last couple of months. Especially writing more content for, and learning how to behive on HIVE.

Because during my first year in the crypto-verse I felt like Hive is a whole other Universe that needed lots of attention. At that time there was so much crypto space coming at me, that I did not have the time to go around exploring Hive.

Now that I am slowly finding my place in the crypto-verse I decided that it was time to deep dive into HIVE.

I have been here since Jan 2021, but only started exploring in April 2022....and I already found out that I am still a HIVE baby with lots to learn.

Hmm maybe I should consider a name change from BitcoinBaby to HiveBaby...but well I am kind of a brand already so I better stick to my old name.

Bottom Line

I guess I will be keeping myself very busy during this bear market. This crypto winter will fly by and soon turn into a beer market to celebrate the next bull run.

Now after all my positivity please tell me what your plans are in case I am right and we will have one more year of the bear?*


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