The Money Made Me Do IT! - Moving to the Noise.App

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Okay, I will move, Noise Cash Made me do it.....

Well not really, but by cutting off the monetization on Noise.Cash I feel sort of forced to follow the money and move to the Noise.App.
2154993 1.png


Now the noise app is basically the new and probably improved version of Noise.Cash. If you want to have a walkthrough first please read:

Walk-through/Review of the New Noise.App - Do you get Free BitcoinCash again?

But why would you move away from one platform to start a whole new one?

Because of my job I am sideways involved in creating online tools. Therefore I am very aware that creating a new tool using good code from the start is much easier than updating an existing tool. Or platform in the case of Noise.Cash.

If you slowly replace old code with new, you are likely to break stuff you did not even know had a connection to that piece of code. Secondly, if users are already using the tool the amount of downtime and risks of breaking stuff by introducing patches should be kept to a minimum.

On top of that Noise.Cash could use a cleanup because I got like 3500 followers of which I probably see 35 online frequently.

The big washout

So we can consider this transition a big clean-up of all things Noise cash, both users, code, and even the social infrastructure. And that last part is where I like to focus mostly today. Due to the invite lonely policy and how that determines the interaction between users, there were some things I had to figure out.

The Replies

I figured out how to see who replies to my post and comments:

Discuss show replies to your post or comment similar to the bell on Noise cash.PNG

That is all very nicely logged under Discussions, and labeled when you open that discussion.

reploes come in under discussions.PNG

So the only limitation is that you can not reply to people you follow but do not follow you. And you have no way on Noise to let them know you would like to communicate.

Now I know this is planned, but I don´t know if that plan was such a great one.

Messages & Notifications

I also figured out where I could find who followed me, using my invite link. But those people I auto-follow. I wanted to see who follows me so I can follow back and we can comment on each other's posts.

invite link.PNG

Within that same Message feature, I see this comment regarding Notifications.


That refers to the bell function you can enable for each user:

Clicking the bell will turn it red and will enable the notifications when that user posts something.

The message/chat function in messages only applies to those people that join through your link and are also the only ones you can directly message in messages.

Chat with connections.PNG

Those two limitations, that you can not message all the people that follow you and you follow back, and the fact you can not comment on someone that you follow and does not follow you back limit your social interactions.

Will that improve?

Two months ago Noise´s Part-Time Dev mentioned we have only seen 20% and the app would be released soon.


The app is released, but apart from that and making some of the functionalities actually work there is not a lot that happened these last months.

On top of that you can not get social with new people with the same interest last there are no groups or channels where like-minded noisers can noise.

And if you make a mistake, you can´t fix it due to lack of an edit button.....but that just might come soon....well in a couple of months max.


So far I think I figured out most of the Noise App desktop version.


And now the part you all have been waiting for, How Much & What to Do with it?

Regarding the "What to do with the Bitcoin cash you receive as a donation from the platform?" I have been reading about converting BCH donations to HIVE. So-called to earn more HIVE.

You will need to set up a wallet address for deposits. The simple way that I have seen is by using BlockTrades.
Log into your Block Trades account.

If you do not have an account you can set one up here
After you log on to BlockTrades, you will want to select Bitcoin Cash in the SEND box, and HIVE in the receiver box.

Don't take this as financial advice from a baby, but I would strongly advise against that, for one simple reason;

Hive High during last bull run 2.67 current 0.49 means 5X

BCH High during last bull run 1300 current 120 means 10X

And don´t get me wrong, I like to make loads more HIVE. But I just don´t think this is the smartest way.

But if you plan to swap your BCH make sure to find a coin that is strong and can do a 15X based on the previous bull run. The thing is there are few blue chip ALTs with that potential, but if I can make a suggestion it´s Elrond EGLD.

Of course, there are people, that will need the cash now and their noise earnings just allow them to get by. But the lucky few that can hodl their BCH are going to appreciate Noise a lot in a year or two.

th 82.jpg

As I have been tracking a bit my daily donations, which are expected to come from the platform I can tell you that they are sufficient to keep me active. Let's say they are between$1 and $2 a day for these last two weeks.

But with Noise, you can never assume it is normal or will remain as such. Because these last 24 hours I have been noticing a change to the downside. This change caused my donations to drop to about 50 cents a day.

Now from past experiences, I know Noise love to play with their donation algorithms so this might be temporary. And if not I am back to what I was making during the last weeks of Noise.Cash.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that BCH has in it itself to do an easy 5X at the start of the bull and will probably go up to $1000 at some point. That means that everything you get as a donation today will do 10X easily if you can just hold on to it.

And that is just what I am doing. I used to use Celsius to get a bit more bucks out of my BCH, but nowadays I hold my keys and after 5 months of hard work I finally made back the 2BCH Celsius stole from me. That might be $240 today, but in April 2025 that will be $2400. And if I made 2 BCH in 5 months, just imagine how much Noise I could make in 25 months?

If nobody sent you an invite to make some Noise, I will gladly invite you, dear reader:

And if you are already making Noise follow me at:

And drop a comment so I can follow back. The world can use more Noise.

2154993 1.png

More Articles On Noise:

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Thanks for the read and please hit that like button, it's one of the few free things in life!


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Thats a good argument to hold BCH! I hope the faucet doesn't slow down, the last week has been epic.


Indeed last week was great but did you check the last 24 hrs?


I am getting more tips, but they are less than before.


Yup same here more frequent but dropping from a 10 ct average to a 3 cent average, they are testing different donation algo´s I am sure. Lets hope we get the old one back !CTP


Where does the BCH come from? There is no advertising or anything there


It´s coming from big BCH whales like Marc De Messel or whatever he´s called, the guys behind the fork that want to raise BCH awareness and give back a bit to society.


Thats very kind of them. I love to swim near whales.


I just calculated I must have made at least 8 BCH over these last 2 years, so they can do very little wrong with me 🤓


We should start a Marcus fan club! !CTP


All those easter Noisers treat him like royalty all ready...I am a dutch protestant baby so for me he´s just a guy that stinks when he shits.


haha I like how he said he love his girlfriends in the plural sense! !LOL


What do you call a religious ceremony with one person?
Single service.

Credit: reddit
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Enjoy the income from that platform.


I am, have been doing so for years it did not make me what Torum did, but it made me at least 8-10 BCH in 2 years and I enjoy the platform win-win right?


I haven't checked it yet, but will use your link when I do :)


The link does not earn me anything, but without its you can´t join. But better to use mine than well you know some other guys😆 But it allows us a place to chat in private, because we never know who´s watching us on whatsAPP


Hahah, 100% true that's why I would use yours...
Yeah, we have so many secret things to chat about that we should avoid WA :) lol

Trying to work ahead a bit for next week, I had the week off this week, but as we're staying home it's a good day to prep some stuff hehe.

Have a great weekend! Say hi to the senorita!


Will do, and say hi to the Cool Old Guy 😋 Tell him that they promised to send a 1TB drive and a wifi card, but that noting is send yet


I will, oh that's nice, I heard some chats between you last week I think so I think I know what that's about :) haha.


Yup it´s about my Lady becoming a streamer? You wouldn´t have Amazon Prime so you can support her for free do you? !CTP


Nope, I never use Amazon, but if I will in the future, I will tell you :) Not sure what the relation between her becoming a streamer and amazon support is though lol


Amazone Prime allows a free subscription to streamers on Twitch as they own Twitch as well. I love Amazone as I have car.... as you know ;)


Oh ok well learned something new. I never watch any streams tbh. What does your car have to do with Amazone :D lol

I hope we have one in a month tops so that we can enjoy the old man's holiday touring around and picking up our stuff in your province :P

Hoping the process here goes a bit smoother than in Hungary, lol!



Well I got no car, so I cant go to a shop buy something that easy. hence amazon is my savior


Aha, but you wrote:

I love Amazone as I have car.... as you know ;)

So I was like, huh did you get a new one? :) I order a lot of things online as well because at the location we are at, it's seriously already a pain to do big groceries. So once a week/sometimes 2 weeks, we go to mercadona to order bigger including the bottles of water and milk etc, and rest I let DIA come with the glovo app or we take some home by foot when we're downhill.

I'll be seriously content when we can stop that practice and just go and buy the stuff though, right now, online is just the best option. I look forward to exploring some bigger stores in person though.



Typing while watching TV and having a beer will make me overlook a No.
I fully get your issue.
I am happy that I got a great bike for my birthday from my dad and the Big Carrefour is close. I can do all our shopping in one go one the bike and I get the water in the little shop around the corner-

And indeed I do let Carrefour deliver my big stuff, when they have 2x1 because a 20kg bag of dog food on the bike is a big no no


I really wanted to have a bike as soon as we landed here but our location in combination with the non-storage space in the building, there are all kinds of rooms with locks and nobody knows where they're for, not even the president in the building lol, made me decide against it for now.

It's also not the safest area so it seems, not only did they steal our two aircos but a few weeks ago, I woke up from a heavy metal clinging sound and usually that's the stairs outside but this was different. When I brought the kid to school, I saw the other side of the building being investigated by the Guardia Civil all masked. They broke in the garage in this building not sure what they found but it's the second incident that we know of in a short time in this building. Not going to buy a bike and leave it outside, that's for sure.

Inside we have no space, but we're thinking of checking for another apartment next summer (before or just after) so that we have more bedrooms and hopefully a garage. There's enough on the market so it should be possible. Until then, we go for the car and bikes will be added once we moved :) lol


Oh and !CTP


LOL ok, thanks !CTP


This is a very nice update.
Make some noise to earn BCH and make more money.

The plan is to make passive income and be consistent.
Thank you for sharing this# Make more noise 🔊


I will definitely keep Noising around


Correct man


I follow you there already, it seems another nice place to hang out!

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Well I have a hard time moving, but .....the money made me do it....see you there and here😋