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Alright, and I am back....

Talking about my lovely little moneymaker TORUM. I was not planning this, but as I got some great feedback and insights this week thanks to last week's post, I thought why Not?

So today I will give full disclosure on what I made from TORUM so far... but first this.

Last week I got 46 to sign-up to TORUM, but unfortunately, now that XTM 20 X´ed they made the whole referral process a bit more complicated. You don't get your $10(7.5 XTM) for just signing up, you need to become an active lander...I think.

Power Bar

TORUM introduced the Power Bar, and by checking how my mentees have been doing I noticed a very big difference between my mentees. But first that power bar.


  • Weekly and One-time Missions stay locked until the Mission Power Bar is full 100/100
  • Daily and Special Missions are available for you. So you are earning XTM, you just do not have access to all the ways you can earn XTM.
  • 14 Power-ups can be claimed daily, so a new account will need at least 8 days before the full Missions System is unlocked (this is from an old article. Looking at the best of my class which is @naaaaa (go and give her a follow) having reached 42/100 in a week it might even take 2 weeks)
  • The Special Mission (15XTM), that $10 you if you used my referral is only rewarded after you reach that 100/100 on your Power Bar and unlock all missions.
  • The reasoning is that the TORUM community wanted to have some grip on the new spammers...I mean Landers. The Power Bar provides this as 10 Power-ups will be deducted whenever a Lander is reported and found guilty of platform abuse (spam, low-quality posts, comments, and messages e.g. "I follow you, follow me too" or "Great Project")

It´s a hard-knock life

Now as I said making free XTM ain´t easy but putting in some effort earns you an easy $20 a week for enjoying yourself.


Just join, take a good long look at the missions and start interacting and harvesting your XTM by doing the missions every day:

Post something - 0.5625 XTM

Post something in a clan - 0.5625 XTM

Like 5 Posts - 0.125 XTM

Daily Login - 0.125 XTM

That´s 2 dollars doing daily missions right there.


Plus another 5 XTM for a week of logging in.

That's 15 XTM ($20) weekly!

As mentioned earlier there is a huge difference between these 46 new Landers, as it looks now only 18 out of that 46 are willing to put in the time and effort to start earning XTM.

Some tried and failed by not validating their account by WhatsApp (seems that Bolivia is not even able to join, still pending a reply from the devs.). Some joined signed-up validated but then did not get one mission completed. And yes the site has been a bit buggy since the latest update, but trust me it will get better.

Some dropped off after a couple of missions, which is perfectly fair this TORUM life ain´t for everyone.... and some are doing great and I wanted to take this opportunity to call out the My Mentee Top 10 (in the hope you can follow each other and grow as a Lander or allow New Landers to connect):

Top of the class:




And then 7 other I would like to call out as being very promising landers:


If you're new ...give them a follow....if you´re a long-time Lander give them a follow they deserve a bit of community support.

The moment you all have been waiting for!

That baby has been bragging for several blogs now about his TORUM earnings... so what did that fool make?

Well, I will tell you.

I do not consider myself an early lander and I am not a referral hero but I made a 6000 XTM since joining in February. Now of course that was before all the halvings and when a referral made you and your mentee 35 XTM, but in crypto, you got to at the right place at the earliest to make the most. That much I have learned.

And I made half of that from referrals and half from missions. And those referrals were not planned, it was just because TORUM was one of the best places to find free NFTS and I had several well-read free NFTposts.

But I have been investing time and effort to get where I am now, creating baby quality posts, supporting new Landers, highlighting issues, and sharing what I think about TORUM. And that made me as it stands today over 6 thousand dollars, it´s insane I know. But it was not easy! And that fact was made clear to me yesterday once more.

My best friend just started his crypto journey and I told him about NoiseCash and TORUM and that you get rewarded for ´good´ content and posting stuff. And he went like: "But what should I post? I do not know shit about anything, I do not create content like you." Well, my friend that´s BS, everybody has got a story to share, we all encounter and overcome things every day and on the other end of that metaverse there is somebody who loves to read your story, but creating content ain´t as easy as posting "Great Project."

So if you enjoy the crypto metaverse feel free to join.... enjoy, make a buck as you are still early but don´t ever think of it as easy money.

Please hit that like 👍 button gently it´s still bruised from last weeks likes and have a lovely day-

Post Scriptum:

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