Will KALA NETWORK also make me $5000 like TORUM did?

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Has anyone of you heard of the KALA NETWORK?

Has anyone of you joined the KALA NETWORK?

Well if you have not no worries, I did it for you.

If you did, let me know what you think in the comments.

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What is this KALA NETWORK?


It should be very similar to Torum.

Should be indeed, I mean how much difference can there be between one Next Generation Web 3 Crypto-oriented SocialFi platform and another? Well at first glance very little. You have your daily missions to earn your crypto. Torum has XTM you can earn and KALA Kudo Tokens. In addition, KALA Network has its own token KLNW.

Like many others, KALA Network set its sights on becoming the Next-generation Web3 SocialFi Platform. The team behind KALA Network is very diverse (IT, AI & ML, Travel, Finance, Banking, Marketing, Ecommerce, Medical, Lifestyle, Gaming, E-Sport, F&B…) and is said to have decades of experience. They share a common vision to create a top-notch SocialFi platform for the mass audience.

Kala is to be rolled out in several phases. But it seems they are already experiencing some delays as the DEX and Marketplace planned for Q2 of 2022 are not yet released:


This is what I think of the KALA NETWORK so far

Well, in all honesty, I do not think much of it so far. And that is not to be negative, but I have a very clear example to underline my opinion.

I ask a serious question and get 13 comments, all 13 like these:


And well that is very typical for the whole KALA experience, lots of Spam from bots or humans behaving as bots. Lots of features that do not work (yet). Like the DEX, the NFT Marketplace, the connection to Metasmask, or Solana Wallet.

And in addition, the customer service desk seems to be non-existent or at least very slow. It´s been several days and I did not even receive a confirmation that I raised a question.

Torum in its early days knew its fair amount of spam, but the Team was clearly visible and easily accessible. There was interaction and knowledge sharing. There were people providing guidance.

Now, why am I still doing my daily missions on KALA?

Most important on Torum I found people and info that were interesting and information that was useful. I yet have to find that between all the airdrop trash and referral rubbish.

I myself wonder why I am still showing up. I don´t expect the crowd to improve, but maybe they surprise me. And that´s why I am still there.

Torum surprised me and made me $5000, well a little less than $4500 after fees.

And with the right investors, promotion, and release timing those Kudos might do the same.

It´s always about being early because the early birds get the biggest rewards.

Like everything in life, it will only get less and less.

So if you want to check it out yourself just click here.

But don´t say I did not warn you 😋

If you want to read more about Torum:

TORUM - Getting Free XTM is hard Work

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Thanks for the read and please hit that like button, it's one of the few free things in life!

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Have to check this out. Those comments to your question reminded me a little bit of Noise.cash before I moved to Noise.app. Thanks for sharing!


It reminded me of Torum when you still got rewards for commenting. IDK about this but I do know that it often pays to be early.


That's true. I also made a big buck with XTM before it went down. Just joined and used your nick as ref, hopefully you get something out of it!


We´ll see. I liked it because it reminded me of early torum and it´s just as easy. Log in , give some likes, make 1 comment and claim your log in bonus. It takes a minute to complete those missions and I can promote my articles easily. What else will I do in a bear market 😁


😅 Yeah, this is the way. Stacking here and there like crazy and waiting for the bull market!



I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
@brando28(2/5) tipped @whywhy (x1)

Send $PIZZA tips in Discord via tip.cc!


So many WEB3 social networks around and is hard to keep up with them. :)


Very much so, I normally dont even join but this looked so much as my little money make Torum and was easy to fit in my morning crypto routine I tried it. But well let´s hope I get paid for the time invested somewhere down the road when the new bull market is running.


I put it on my bookmark and will evaluate if is worth to create an account.


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I know of Torum but I haven't posted there, I don't have much knowledge on it, Kala though is new to me... But I would like to know more about both if you don't mind. Thanks for sharing.

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I will like to know more about this KALA and Torum, can you please share more insight about this in this comment section??
Thank you, I will be waiting for your response


need more clarification on what torum is all about