RE: NFTing The World

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There you go! This is conceptual proof that a content generating platform like Hive doesn’t need a conventional add based access based model to create value and bake it into our coin.

I have heard people (here on Hive) adamantly speak their mind saying that Hive won’t be a success without reverting to advertisement. I have always voiced my opinion to the contrary.

We live in an Information Age (transferring to an Attention Age) economy... information has value especially if it’s tokenized via blockchain technology. We don’t need to bring adds into our infrastructure to be economically viable... and I think that NFT’s are demonstrating this concisely.

That’s a good thing because NOW is our chance to do something different. Why should we be like all the Social Media 2.0 solutions that are breaking the society and the world.

This is our chance to innovate the future. That’s the exciting part and an add based/access based economic model is just plain boring and a drag.

So yeah! Your comment brought a smile of recognition to my face. 🙂