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The weekend is most people's favorite days of the week that they look forward to with so much expectations. The fact that we don't have to work on Saturday and Sunday calls for celebration, isn't it? Most people even start their weekend hangouts from Friday evening immediately after work. During the weekend there are little or no concerns about spending habits among other things such as diets. In the spirit of celebrating five days of intense work from Monday to Friday, people eat, and drink carelessly, thereby spending more money as well.

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Even though a diet routine can be recovered from, spending carelessly for two or three days of enjoyment may have a lasting impact on a person's financial situation. Restaurants, lounges, malls, unisex beauty shops, gas stations etc are always busy during the weekend and it is the days of the week where these businesses make the most sales. However, if you observe that you are spending more on weekend and you start a new week broke then you should consider one or more of these tips below.

  1. Set up a plan for your weekend. You may spend recklessly if you don't set a limit to the amount you want to spend. If possible have a different card for your weekend outings where you have a certain amount of money, more like a weekend allowance from you to you. Doing this will help you to control your spending during the celebratory weekend moods.

  2. Do more activities that are free or activities that are not too expensive. Instead of spending so much money at a luxury restaurant, you may opt for an inexpensive one where you won't have to spend too much money. Some other activities like hiking, mountaineering, can also save you some money.
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  3. Do you know you spend more when you eat out always? Yes, you should cut down on the number of times you eat out if you don't want to start your Monday as a broke person. Use your weekend to prepare homemade foods that may even last you all through the week. In as much as it is saving your from spending too much, it is also a fun thing to cook.

  4. Like I said earlier, malls and supermarkets are always busy during the weekend than weekdays, which means people spend more money shopping. In other to avoid impulsive shopping leading to needless spending you should try to make a list before you head to the store and you must make sure that you stick to it.

I learnt how to make shopping list before going to the mall or market from my mother from childhood. Sometimes, she make her shopping list a day before going to the market to be sure that she has included all she needed to purchase and she does not buy any other thing that is not in the list. Most times, as a young lady when I go to the market I see items that I didn't plan to buy but because it was attractive or seems affordable I will buy it. This is not a good habit, it is going to tell on your finances.

Babe talk to me directly 😅😂

I feel like I'm the one your talking to, not for the weekend high expenses though but for buying some random stuffs outside the list I took with me to the store 😂 I'm so good at that and it's telling ok my finances really.

Well, thanks for the weekend expenses tip... I'm sure a lot will find this useful. Me I don't even know when weekends come and go sometimes 😒 everyday is like the same inside the house 😅

Maybe when I start having fun weekends, I'll refresh my memories of this post for the tips you gave 🙌

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