Making A Jumpsuit With Leftover Fabric

16 days ago
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There's no rule that says you can't have different outfits in the same fabric, as long as the styles are different, you should totally use the same fabric again if you wish. I had earlier used this print for a dress I made few weeks ago and I still had leftover fabric. I decided to make a simple jumpsuit with the remaining fabric.

I love jumpsuits even though when it's time to pee you have to totally undress to do your business. They're very chic and save you the stress of matching tops to bottoms.

Here are some process pictures of the jumpsuit.

Here, I marked out my trouser measurements on the fabric, starting from my waist down to my ankle


I first cut out the two front pieces and use them in cutting the same for the back but with added allowance


I also cut out two front pockets, 10 inches long and 12 inches wide with a 4½ by 4½ inches curve


I sewed on the pockets and then joined the two front pieces at the middle, and did same for the back too



I ran a top stitch on the waist to secure the pockets


For the top, it's a simple round neckline with an interface. The length is from the shoulder to the waist to meet with the trouser. I joined the two together at the waist and closed the seams on the sides


Added a zip at the back from the top to about 6 inches below the waistline


I finished off with a short sleeve and closed the hem


Since I used no lining fabric, I took it to the store for weaving where someone helped me weave the seams to prevent fraying.

I also made a 3 inches belt with the same fabric not pictured here. I preferred wearing it with my black belt instead.

This fabric isn't stretchy so I made the jumpsuit loose fitting so I can easily bend down or move freely. Only make your jumpsuit tight fitted or exact fit when it's a stretchy fabric else, one attempt to sit and you get a terrible rip.


I wore it to church yesterday and I felt good wearing my creation. Plus I got an order for one from a friend. I'm excited 😁





Thanks for reading😊