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WOO's Naughty? WOO's Nice?

Welcome to this year's WOO Secret Santa event! We have partnered with some great #hive partners, including @dcrops, @leofinance, @hashkings,@acidyo, and others soon to be announced!

These partners and WOO have put some awesome gifts into the @woo-secret-santa bag, and you can too!

How To Participate

All you need to do is send 1,000 $WOO tokens along with the assets you would like to include as your secret Santa gift entry to @woo-secret-santa! Once we receive your gifts, you will be added to the WOO's Nice List! Everyone on the WOO's Nice List will receive Christmas cheer this year!

Come Christmas day, BookerSanta will drop gifts down to all users on the WOO's Nice List. You better be careful cause BookerSanta will be checking his list twice to ensure you have sent 1,000 $WOO plus the gifts you would like to add to the exchange (when you send $WOO write in the memo the assets it will cover). You can add numerous gifts to the exchange, but make sure you send 1,000 $WOO for each addition.

Why Participate

Don't be a Scrooge! This is a fun way to burn some $WOO tokens and gain something back as a user. We have tons of awesome presents added by our partners so that everyone will get plenty of amazing #hive assets, plus some extra presents added from the community!


  1. We withhold the right to return any gifts added to the pool for any reason.
  2. Each time you add presents to the pool, you must send 1k $WOO for the entry to be valid.
  3. All gift-giving is final. Do not send what you do not want to gift.
  4. All Hive-Engine tokens and NFTs are accepted. We also accept #hive assets and #splinterland or #woo NFTs.
  5. When you send the 1k $WOO add a memo listing the assets you're sending as gifts.
  6. Enjoy the Christmas season and make content for the event for added bonuses!


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