I absolutely LOVE LeoFinance. Here's 5 reasons why!

13 days ago
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LeoFinance is my latest discovery, and I am super proud of this discovery! I stumbled upon it a day ago, and I have not stopped loving it so far!
So here are 5 reasons why I absolutely love LeoFinance:

  • YOU: You're my major reason for loving LeoFinance. The community here is just amazing. Super helpful and just really fun to be around. I have a few followers even without anyone knowing me well yet, which is just another level of communual behavior entirely! I have blogged on platforms where the people only care about the dollars they can earn from the site, and not at all about what the person is writing, or the person writing.
  • Giving back to voters: Voters get 50% of the amount of earnings on a post, which incentivises them to contribute to the network even more!
  • Fair earnings: The earnings on this platform are FULLY DECENTRALIZED and controlled by the community. Unlike on other fully centralized platforms, this fully decentralized platform allows for truly community governed voting and earning potential.
  • Easy to use editor: The editor on this platform is awesome! There's an HTML view for people that can use code, and a regular view for people o see the outcome of their codes. In addition, the addition of embeds is awesome and easy as well.

These are some of the reasons I love LeoFinance!
Why do you love LeoFinance? Let me know down below.

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