LeoFinance is 10x better than all other publishing platforms: Here's why!

12 days ago
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LeoFinance is my go to for sharing my opinions online, and that's because it's much, MUCH better than any other publishing platforms out there. Here's a few reasons why!

  1. The best text editor I have ever seen: You only need to look at the text editors on other platforms to see why this one is the best. Especially for those that type and edit on mobile. The editor is clean, uncluttered and extremely easy to use. In practice, I found that this was the best editor out of all the ones I've used so farm
  2. The community: I keep saying this, and I probably won't stop saying it, but leoFinance has the best community any platform can ever hope for. Not just a community here for the money, but a community here out of love for the platform. It's priceless!
  3. The payouts are in LEO, which has amazing value: On other platforms, payout are usually given in a low liquidity shitcoin that nobody wants. However, payout on Leofinance are in LEO, which has a lot of backing and a huge community that actually wants it!
  4. Ease of use: I was able to figure out my way around LeoFinance without reading any guides, which is a very underrated feature today, especially if you've ever used any other platforms before. Leofinance is, dare I say, foolproof and easy to use. In fact, it's the easiest platform to use for me.
  5. Support: The LeoFinance YouTube pumps out frequent content, and so does their blog. Also, LeoFinance has partners that make the platform much better than the competition!

Those are the reasons I love LeoFinance! Now it's your turn, valued reader. Why do YOU love LeoFinance?
Let me know in the comments!

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