LeoFinance vs the competition: Why I will always pick LeoFinance

13 days ago
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LeoFinance was my first pick for a publishing platform for crypto heads. And the reasons I picked it first are simple and easy to understand. So let's look at why I love LeoFinance so much!

  • Fully decentralized: Usually with a lot of these ublishing platforms, there is some form of centralization in their working. In fact, some are COMPLETELY centralised and just claim to not be fully centralized. LeoFinance on the other hand is fully decentralized, and is based on the extremely efficient Hive blockchain.

  • Better community: I have seen some platforms where the community is just there for money. This is not the case with LeoFinance. LeoFinance has a great community that is actually involved in the building of the platform, and not just looking for a quick buck. To exemplify this my first article here on LeoFinance had a very helpful comment from a user here telling me what I did wrong, and offering to help. It is very unlikely I'd have seen that on any other writing platform.

  • Easy registration: I signed up with my metamask and just got going. No need to give away my private email details or any of that kind of stuff. LeoFinance is all about decentralization,and I love it!

These are the reasons I will always pick LeoFinance. The strong community and completely decentralised nature make it easy for me to use and recommend it to anyone.

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