Market dumped. But I'm buying!

10 days ago
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For some reason, the crypt market had a major dump today, with Bitcoin, actions and everything in-between taking a major hit in the process.
I'm not a financial advisor, of course, but I was taught that whenever the market is down, I'm to buy my favorite tokens!
So I got to buying some of them, following in the steps of my teachers.
I'm what you might consider "above average" at technical analysis, so I kind of knew what I was looking for.
In a painstaking process, I scanned through all the altcoin charts on Binance, and here are the coins I bought:

  • CUB, because nothing else really matters :)
  • PSG fan token, because they have a match today (+33%)
  • 1INCH, because I had wind of their Coinbase listing (+7%)
  • REEF, because I like the coin so much (-3%)
  • EASY, because EASY is going to break defi for the better (no profit or loss, just bought it)
  • XLM, because it always runs with XRP

I will keep updating this post with the changes in percentage gains, so follow me for that!
What did you buy on this dump? Let me know in the comments!

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