Why I joined LeoFinance

13 days ago
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DeFi is one aspect of crypto that I love so much, mostly because it isn't really difficult to understand and get on with using.
There are also so many opportunities to interact with others and even earn money while doing so.
Leofinance is one of those DeFi platforms that allows you to get paid for sharing your opinions, and that is the major reason I joined.
Not for the money, no, but to share my opinions.
I'm not a very vocal person in real life (I am an engineering student after all :)), but I have opinions and I love it when people can listen to those opinions and give their feedback on it.
In addition, most of my friends and coo-workers don't like crypto, so there's no one to talk to about it on a daily basis. That's where Leofinance comes in.

But why did I pick LeoFinance exactly? Why not other platforms?
Well, because LeoFinance is the most decentralized platform where opinions can be shared and received. It's censorship resistant, so there's no one banning me for preferring Pancakeswap over Uniswap or something like that.
Also, the community on LeoFinance is just much better. I've been observing for a while before joining, and all I can say is that I prefer the community here over others!

Also, I like the fact that LeoFinance pays money for your opinion. I personally haven't earned much money from LeoFinance (about $1.50 up to this point), but I have gotten engagement and followers, which I truly appreciate!

To sum it up, I am really enjoying myself on this platform, and I hope to meet and interract with even more people.
Thanks for reading! Please let me know what you think about my writing down below.

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