How to calculate SPS airdrop points

Heya warrior's wassup? I remember I shared one useful link in my one post. And that link is so useful that you can check your packs…

Mimosa Nightshade-My first ever gold foil legendary summoner yoo ;)

Mimosa Nightshade-Black beauty of Mortis LunaPic rocks :p I didn't know we can create wonders using Lunapic. Today when I…

Cerberus- A three-headed fluffy dog full of rage.


14th and Final Untamed airdrop-Hero of Beyond

Heya warrior's Did you claim you Hero of beyond ? well, Hero of beyond is the 14th and final airdrop of the untamed edition. I just…

10 super duper packs

I want to know how do you hold your packs? I mean they don't tempt you to open them? I mean what kind of patience is required to hold them…

Coral Wraith- Warlocks of the Ocean

Coral Wraith source

Dcity updates

Hello, Dcitizen's, I've been waiting for this so long :p XD yaaay finally I cast my vote. I personally don't know who @rishi556 is but I…

Amazing Season

Heya, Warrior's wassup how was your season? well, mine was epicly epic. I looted enough as compared to my previous season's :P XD. Every…

Deadly new death epic just got revealed

Just one hour left in the season and the official splinterlands account just revealed the new airdrop card, death epic melee monster with…

Things are about to get real

source This is the big news we all splinter freaks have been waiting for. Today is the day and aft

Do you believe in free money?

I never believed that there could be a kind of thing called free money until I got it myself. I have always been lazy being when it…

100% Dcity Tax

Have you ever heard of 100% tax on something? Maybe yes or maybe not? but let me introduce to you Dcity and yes in Dcity I am paying off…

Octopider-It has nearly all the most terrifying features of both spiders and octopi

Octopider I think octopider is one of the most underrated monsters. If only you know how cool it is in your death deck then you must want…

Whoops, this new tool is just amazingly amazing

Disclaimer I am testing out this new tool for the very first time. I've read this tutorial[SplinterStats Season Report Card - Update and…

Silver Shield Bard super cute card of the life splinter

Hello, Warrior's let's meet Carrie Allen I mean Silvershield bard. I don't know why Carrie decided to choose herself for this week…

Finally Done

My Scarred Llama Mage rental contract was about to an end and I was worried if I should continue with my rental contract or I shall be…

Dcity- New Interface very Slow and laggy

After so many days of the third edition release, I decided to purchase some third edition cards. But the new interface is so much slow…

Peaceful Giant- Refugee Giants of splinterlands

I've always wondered why its name is peaceful giant then thanks to the splinterlands weekly challenge that made me read its Lore. After…

chickens are earning chickencrowns

I am not going to blame the whole guild as I know every guild has some great players. Immortal Gods is the number 1 guild right now…

Fire Spitter-Small but mighty can produce a magnificent blaze

This week splinterlands weekly challenge is a Fire Spitter. Fire spitter is the dragon epic card that belongs to Draykh-Nahka.…