My city is on heat :P XD

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Hello everyone,
I am quite annoyed while writing this post. My city is under the attack of Forest fire and Riots. 10% income reduction and 66% tax. So after paying 66% tax and 10% simulation I will be getting only 363 Sim. I supposed to get 700 Sim income but naw it is not even 400. This insane tax is just killing my all interest. Last night I was bored and I had accumulated some Sim income over the period. I don't check my city more often but when I do, it is just for the purpose of buying some cards. I don't understand why I can't hold my Sim income. Every time I see my Sim Income has touched 4k bar I just go and buy trash cards :P XD. Yea the cards I get are always trash.

Finally I decided to use city helper bot

Oh yes, I am a dcity player and I've not been using this city helper bot. Today I registered myself so without logging I can see my city performance which is pretty cool I suppose.

I liked my city command



Besides Forest fire and Riots I am having a swear issue of unemployment. My city is suffering from a lot of problems. I am willing to trade workers for some token of your choice. If anyone is interested do let me know.
A little update of my tired and sick city. Not liking it of course but it is what it is. I just started hosting 2 events. Splinterfest and Art convention. Let's see how much gamers and artists will come to my city.

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