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This bull run is incredible!

We are in the new bull run!

Crypto is to the moon!

You probably will hear this again and again, but this time is different.

The bull market has yet to return simply because the macro economy is still very uncertain.

We know the Fed is the gravity of the financial market, and no one can escape from it. So why do you think bull market is returning?

The question has to do with how money has been created it.

I asked ChatGPT first how the money is created:

Money is created in a variety of ways, but the most common method is through the process of fiat money creation by central banks. Central banks have the authority to print money and to create digital money. When a central bank creates money, it is usually in the form of paper notes or digital currency, and it is then used to purchase assets such as government bonds or other securities. This process increases the money supply and can be used to stimulate economic growth or to stabilize the economy. However, it can also lead to inflation if too much money is created.

Here is the key: unless more money is created from the central bank, the asset will deflate, which means the valuation of any assets will go down proportionally no matter what until the central bank prints money again.

Don't think so?!

We witness the 2022 high inflation and low valuation year.

The crypto market was shrinked 70% because the Fed was pulling money out of the market!

So, in my opinion, the bull has not yet returned, my friend!


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