To Exchange Crypto for Your Body Part Data: Facebook Old Scam Revital

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As Crypto hits another high of the year, many new projects are rolling out to catch the trend. One of the projects that caught my attention is Worldcoin.

What is the Worldcoin
It is a cryptocurrency that acts as a world digital payment system to trade globally with fast speed and low cost. Not so a new idea isn’t it. It is built on the top of the Ethereum blockchain as a token. They want to give everyone in the world of Worldcoin. Only here is a catch, to submit your eyeball scan.

Worldcoin is free
Just joking. It is not! Just like Facebook launched in 2004. To be able to register the account, the platform needs to input your personal information such as name, date of birth, and so on. Now, they want your biodata.

Eye-tracking technology
The technology is to track your eye movement to analyze human thinking and reactions. The larger the data set can reveal deepen understanding on how human makes decisions and there subconscious emotional behaviors in order to accurately predict your next move or decision.

Eye scanning password device in the movie
Sci-fi movies love to predict the future. You may see many scenes when the main characters enter the gate but scan their eyeball for identification verification. It is scientific plausibility that the device is in the progress of making. Your smartphone is scanning your iris already that you may not even recognize it did. Only the problem is how to prevent fraud or in cryptocurrency, cases double-spending.

Eyeball information is a password that can be further used to predict your motivation
The idea is that if someone has enough data of eyeball information, they can use the data set to model a human behavior or possibly predict human behavior even before you did. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, the machine can even adapt faster with small sets of data and learn along with new sets of data to change its behaviors.

Should data use to benefit or damage society
Everyone will think one should benefit from the data collection. Well, it is not up to you after you freely exchange to companies for their “free” services and they can do whatever they want to without letting you know.

In conclusion
We are heading to surveillance future whether or not you like it. The crypto should prevent and protect users rather than a trick to bring more users’ data to companies who knows what they want to create the future they want without your consent.

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