Shapeshift Community arrived in LeoFinance

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For those that use LeoFinance daily, you might have noticed that are some blue Foxes 🐺🦊 disguised as lions barking around HIVE blockchain.

ShapeShift Dao understand that web3 apps is the place to decentralized organizations to be that's why you can check this 3 news Shapeshift Channels

🦊Shapeshift Dao in English
🦊Shapeshift Dao in Spanish
🦊Shapeshift Dao in Portuguese

Why is this cool?

That shows that DAOs and other web3.0 entities are recognizing benefits of Hive blockchain and its community. Choosing community quality over web2.0 numbers is a step foward towards decentralization.

Shapeshift mission is to offer borderless finance for everyone, its the same community of people behind KeepKey, portis and othe cool stuff like coingape and giveth

I am helping this process and I would love to see this community making a good reception for Shapeshift another agent of decentralization.

So if you are or aren't into Decentralized Governances, Defi, vaulting or anything related to Fox kitties, you know what to do.

Thanks for the attention! I am vlad the web3.0 skater

@vlad -> First of all, turn on this dark mode, everything is better in the dark and so is my main channel XD This one is a mix of my skateboard videos + some fun adventure trips and sometimes useful or ~not~ scripts comes up from @code. I hope you enjoy it. And don't forget the old chinese saying Those who tip, gets laid more often

Skatehive LINKS :point_down:
The skaters of the old steemskate community joined LBRY and Peakd communities together through the swarm program of the LBRY FOUNDATION and now we form a great community called Skatehive.
Peak Channel

Thanks for the continuous support


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