NEWBIE HACK 1- A step by step guide to buy HIVE and convert it to LEO directly to your leofinance wallet

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As a newbie on leofinance, I had several difficulties navigating my way around the whole platform and knowing how some things work. It was just sad that I couldn't get my hands on detailed information to accomplish various task here on @Leofinance.

So I promised myself, that as I get acquainted with the platform, I'll make sure I make posts to help newbies like me navigate their way comfortably.

It wasn't easy for me tho, but as I spent some time on the platform, so many things became clearer and clearer.

As a newbie, you might be wondering, why do I need to buy hive or Leo tokens? I'll tell you, the basic important reasons, with enough Leo or hive, you can delegate some token to @leo.voter and earn a certain percentage of returns daily or you can decide to stake in order to increase your LP( LEO POWER) or HP(HIVE POWER).

I'm going to be giving you a detailed guide to buy as much Leo and hive as possible.

First, you'll have to either have an account on or have an account on I know you wouldn't be seeing this if you probably don't have an account with any of these 2 sites

Secondly, you'll sign-up to
IMG_20210104_232454.jpg , create an account and confirm your mail
After confirming your mail, you'll be given an option to login to the site, All you'll have to do is Login .

Thirdly, on the site you'll be given an etherum wallet address to send ether too, depending on how much etherum you want to swap to Leo
From the picture above, you'll see a spot for your hive username, so After transferring etherum to the wallet address (min should be 0.01eth), you'll then put in the hive username where you want the swapped Hive should be transferred to, I'm sure you know, any mistake with the spelling means your funds is gone.

When you're done with this task, within minutes, your HIVE should reflect in your wallet. You can either decide to power up the hive, or convert it to Leo.

My concern today is on converting to Leo, so in your leofinance account, click the avatar, you'll see wallet, select wallet, then change it from WLEO to HIVE, you should have the screen as shown in the picture below
There you'll see your total bought HIVE intact, the next thing is converting it to Leo.

Fourthly, you'll navigate to HIVE ENGINE as shown below
Then click the icon that looks like a chart, it should take you the the screen below
Which is
That's where you'll decide to swap your HIVE token to LEO token at the current exchange rate.

Thank you for reading through, if you found this useful, please do well to vote, reblog and comment.

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Stay safe

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