Feedback from the June 1st Hive Power Up Day

The Hive Power Up Day has truly become an important moment in the life of our community and, once again, this edition did not disappoint…

A Down-Vote is Not Stealing From You - The 7 Day Window is About Finding Consensus on Rewards

Remember back in 2016 when STEEM was newly launched, and a lot of big names in the freedom movement were jumping onto the platform…

HIVE Deposit and Withdrawal in Probit Exchange Seems to be Disabled

Source Hello Hive!

HIVE Dollar Interest Distributions Begin on the Hive Blockchain

HIVE Dollars have officially begun accruing interest on the Hive blockchain. The first distributions of [HIVE Dollar (HBD)](

Who's Excited About ProjectBlank?

Hello Hive! If there's one thing I admire about the @LeoFinance team is that they know how to build hype. That's aside from the…

Hive, A Contributor To Social Justice In The Digital Economy - (Conversations Over Coffee)

Hello Hive! Welcome to "Conversations Over Coffee" at Cinnamon Cup Coffee , your Virtual Coffee Shop! All meetings and…

How I Became a Certified Open Water Diver through Hive

One of the few underwater photos taken by Cameron's friend whom he arranged to take some photos of me while underwater. I was okay with…

Make use of your Hive & Your Hive Community to Achieve Your Goals!

Happy new Year to all you Hivers! Have you ever thought about using your #hive to achieve some goals? About 3 months ago I read a…

Market Yourself: Market Authenticity

Hello Hive! I missed this kind of content that I produce here in Hive. I sporadically post contents like this whe

How Crypto and Blockchain Technology Has Impacted My Personal Finance

Short Answer: I'm now living off from my earnings in Hive. I cannot create a post by just that answer alone so, I will just provide…

First Leo Finance Post: 10,000 HP Milestone | Hive Power Up Day

November 1, 2020 It's a little bit late, but for those who know me, this is posted earlier than most of my blogs. I don't how to…

How I Bought Tangible Artwork From Italy Using Hive

Old Bridge by @armandosodano 2020 Intro I've been mostly accumulating and trading cryptocurrencies for the entire time I've been an…

The Ultimate Guide To Making $1 A Day On Hive

Dear Hivers, The other day I was talking to someone from Venezuela. And his words moved me. He said Hive is putting food on their table…

On Hive Completing 100 Wonderful Days — The Good, The Bad, And No Ugly

Dear Hivers, It is official. With no kings and queens, Hive’s kingdom continues to flourish. Hive has completed 100 wonderful…

Hive Newsletter #4 — It Continues To Get Better 🔥

Hi guys, I hope you are enjoying this Sunday. It is the only day I get to relax, take a nap, and enjoy the silence. Sunday is purely a…

Hive SEO Guide #2 — The Ultimate Keyword Research & Writing Process

Dear Hivers, Perhaps one of the most in-depth yet important SEO topic is keyword research. And in this post, I want to simplify it for…

What comes first, the large votes or the engagement?

I'm sure I read somewhere that the idea here was that a piece of content would steadily gain traction (votes) due to its interesting…
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Ranking the Top Curators on Hive | Number of votes, authors, vote diversification | The reward goes to ….

Curators function is essential for the blockchain since it is the method used to reward authors and distribute the inflation. The bigger…

Swipe Right for Justin - My response to his witness demands

Has he gone mental?
1 yr

How Many Active Users/Accounts the Steem Blockchain Actually Has?

How many active accounts the Steem blockchain actually has? We have all hear the number on the users posting, with some speculation like…