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great, also is there an existing "Media Kit" or some sort of elevator speech / tutorial thats brief and to the point with the basics explained along with a tutorial to share to get more sign ups? I have some connections to some Youtubers with some big followings but really do not know where to start. Would be great to have something or somewhere to direct them to that would really demonstrate what HIVE is without being confusing and too much to read through.

I am also curious as to how someone creates a front end like Proof of Brain, Neoxian, CTP etc. Seems like theres a turnkey way to create these to plug into HIVE

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If you have connections that will help a lot.
We have that does that job, i made a redisign of it but it wasnt accepted by the devs and witnesses.

Im meeting with a graphics design team tomorrow and ill explore the costs.
Doing maybe a physical kit as well with a brochure, usb stick, some business cards and a free account. SOmething like this but smaller and less extravagant.

Ill see if its viable doing.
We do have some materials but theyre really scattered. If anything, ill work on redoing them into something presentable and easy to share.

1 looks great, never knew that was there! If you could point me to a few video tutorials that are quick and to the point in regards to explaining HIVE and how to sign up, I think I can get some influencers interested. I believe they would be interested in creating their own front end, so any info on how to create a Front End for a new Community would be very usefull, thanks

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Theres probably articles, but nothing comes to mind.