RE: The Power Of Smaller Accounts On Hive

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I'm taking the strategy of focusing on LEO because as a newer user and low HP HIVER I believe my best path is to become as strong as possible on $LEO. I am still earning rewards on HIVE too as an added bonus. I really like everything the team on LEO is doing and ultimately once I get to 20,000 $LEO I can start channeling my profits back into $HIVE. I plan on earning on CUBDEFI as well so for me , I think this is the right strategy.

One main reason I really like $LEO is the flat voting curve (not sure if thats the proper term). I don't have to worry about voting a post at a certain time rather my curation rewards will be the same whenever I vote a post and I can read and curate at me leisure. I can build up curation rewards at a much faster rate on LEO than on HIVE.

I'm always open to suggestions and really find your posts educational and informative. So if you have any other feedback I am open to suggestions.

I am not much of a blogger but enjoy commenting and interacting on posts as well as curating.

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