HBD v Hive Engine

I've been wanting to write a post about Hive-Engine. Unfortunately, the decision to raise the interest rate on HBD to 20% has completely…

Just 12 Accounts Received Over Half of the HBD Interest

One often hears the mantra "code is king" while navigating the crypto world. The basic idea is that investors should invest their funds…

Debt Kills. The Witnesses Have Listened to the Merchants of Debt

Sorry about the rambling nature of this post. I've been dispirited since the witnesses raised the interest rate to 20%. This stupid move…

hivePUD Staking v. Power Up

Wow, I can't believe that it is another power up day. #hivePUD is a day when those who are dedicated to the platform prove their loyalty…

People Need about 48 HP in Order to Receive Curation Rewards

The upvote rewards on HIVE come from interest on HIVE POWER. The value of a given upvote depends on the HP, the User's Voting Power at the…

HPUD and Compounding Interest

I have enough HP; So, for #HivePUD I decided to stake ten dollars worth of Hive-Engine tokens. Before the power up, I would like to…

Burning on the Backside

HIVE will fall until it finds a bottom. That is just the way things work. The best thing that HIVE authors can do at this time is to…

I Wanted to Make a Burn Post to Commemorate HIVE's Dip Below a Dollar

HIVE fell under a dollar. While I suspected that BTC was in for a dip, I was really hoping that HIVE would make a valiant stand at 1.…

Deleted and Reposted

I made a mistake setting up this post. Please go to and upvote the following post I burne

The Price is Set by the Traders ... not the hodlers

Wow, my Hive-Engine empire took a beating this month. The coins on HIVE-Engine suffer a lack of liquidity. This means that, whenever…

SteemIt Witness List

On hearing that Justin Sun evacuated STEEM, I decided to take a gander at the SteemIt Witness List . The list is still dominated by the…

An Argument Against High Interest on HBD

There are numerous posts praising the decision to raise HBD interest to 12%; So, I decided to write a post about the problems with high…

Ad Special for HiveFest

I've been listening to HiveFe.st on youtube . During day one I learned that [Hive Punks](

Curating Hashtag Games

Hive is the ideal tool for curating hashtag games. I believe that one of the best ways to bring users into HIVE is by presenting HIVE as a…

I Lied ... Plus a Suggestion for HivePUD

I got the above image by Elnur from BigStockPhoto The Blog Post Part Earlier this month I announced tha

I am a Traitor to HIVE

Comrades, I have a dark confession to make. This confession is so dark that I will burn the proceeds from this post. Before I make my…

When HIVE pops, the alt-coins drop

When the price of HIVE pops, the price of alt-coins seems to drop. My guess is that the people who are actively engaged in day-trading…

To Power Up or Convert to HBD?

I wrote a post a day for August. Yes, it often involved staying up to 3:00 AM to publish and some of the posts were incredibly weak, but i…

Let's Write a Book!

I admit, I started my SteemIT HIVE account 45 moons ago because I was interested in finding ways to use the blockchain to create and…

The Two Sides of the Coin: The Roots of Capitalism

My goal is to write an article a day in August. I bought a new pedometer at the beginning of the month and I could report my steps. But I…