I am a Traitor to HIVE

Comrades, I have a dark confession to make. This confession is so dark that I will burn the proceeds from this post. Before I make my…

When HIVE pops, the alt-coins drop

When the price of HIVE pops, the price of alt-coins seems to drop. My guess is that the people who are actively engaged in day-trading…

To Power Up or Convert to HBD?

I wrote a post a day for August. Yes, it often involved staying up to 3:00 AM to publish and some of the posts were incredibly weak, but i…

Let's Write a Book!

I admit, I started my SteemIT HIVE account 45 moons ago because I was interested in finding ways to use the blockchain to create and…

The Two Sides of the Coin: The Roots of Capitalism

My goal is to write an article a day in August. I bought a new pedometer at the beginning of the month and I could report my steps. But I…

Powering Up My Power Down

According to the countdown timer on HiveBuzz the #hivepud ( HIVE Power Up Day ) has begun. [Seven days ago](

Tag Spam is Killing HIVE, but the fix is easy

The Solution is Simple Many people don't read the whole post; so I will start with the solution. IMHO, the solution to tag spam is to…

Following Coinflation

I am writing the outsider review for Coin Blog . Before I finish writing the review, I thought I would tak

An Update on Advertising Spots and OMA

I confess, I joined SteemIt HIVE with the hopes of finding a way to fund independent web developmen

What Coins Do I Want to Receive for This Post About a Piece of Litter?

I saw a cheap plastic "winner" award discarded in a gutter near a school. Thinking that it would make a good blog post, I picked it up…

Another Power Up Day and 40k alt-coins in the bank

It is Power Up Day again . I did not earn much in HIVE rewards, but I did well with POB. Since I didn't make much HIVE, I pulled 5…

The Neighborhood Hive

I saw the above window sign while driving on 2100 South in the Sugarhouse District of Salt Lake. The sign reads "Help The Hive Thrive" by…

An Epic Power Up Day

This Power Up Day is going to be epic. I am powering up everything ... including the kitchen sink (which is why I have a power cord in the…

It's Time to Power Down for Power Up Day

It is seven days to the end of the month. Today is the day that one should power down to have funds for power up day. Powering down to…

Are There Legitimate Reasons to Have Multiple HIVE Accounts?

I almost stepped on this wonderful little creature. It was very upset with my carelessness. I suspect that it is a gopher snake. I took…

Thoughts on Stock Images

Last year I took some pictures of the street signs for Leo Way in Holladay, Ut thinking that I mi

DHedging My Bets on Hive Power Up Day

My investment goal was to have enough HIVE so that my upvote would be worth more than $0.02 . The two penny mark is important because HIVE…

Do We Need Brokerages?

Prelude the the Question I suspect that the Biden administration will make a big push to REGULATE crypto. The administration will argue…

Security as a Commodity ... the Ballad of SolarWinds

The picture above, from BigStockPhotos , shows an artistic rendering of solar flares for a post about a company called "SolarWinds"…

Power Up Day in My Alternate Coin Universe

HiveStats says my alt-coin empire is worth $9.76. I rarely earn money on my posts; So, I had only 1.17 HIVE to power up. For Hive…