RE: Stabilizer for CENT Token

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The problem with pegged coins is that once the coin has lost its peg, it is really hard to regain investor confidence.

I checked Hive-Engine reports that current price of CENT is worth $0.00243 and that the market value of the coin is $9,842 . The coin is worth a quarter of its peg.

The market value would be $40K if the coin maintained its peg.

If CENT is unable to maintain a peg at this low capitalization; I fear that it will be even less stable if the market cap was greater.

BTW: I realize that the primary problem with CENT was the collapse all of the currencies on Hive Engine.

Since people lost faith in HE coins, it is possible that the only solution is to hedge CENT with equities outside the Hive-O-Sphere.

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