Cryptotab, Scam or worth it ?

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A long time ago I made a post showing which one was the best between CryptoTab vs Brave and a lot of changes happened so I need to make a little update.

What is Cryptotab ?

Cryptotab is a browser like Chrome or Safari but with this one you can earn BTC passively when you browser the internet. You can also use it as a chrome extension.

When it's said like that you can easily think this is one of the best browser possible BUT there are some issues.

The earnings

First of all, you will need you browser open to earn, because it uses you CPU to mine. That also means it uses electricity so it costs money to run. Since you don't earn more than few cents per day, and use electricity, the earnings are really not huge.

Except if you share your affiliate links !

But that is really problematic, that is one big exemples of the problem of capitalism combined with pyramidal businesses.

This is a passive earning platform where only few ones are actually earning money while most of them are just using their CPU so probably loosing money because they will never reach the withdraw threshold.


But even with that, you will need a lot of referrals to get some money.
To be honest I used it for some time and get something like 21 referrals. And looks what this gave :


Less than $2. And the price when up since I got it so it was even less money when I first got it.


I did not see it myself, but when I was browsing the reviews I saw some people saying there was some privacy issues. I can't really say you what's the problem so I'll just screen it :



In my memory, few years ago when I was still using it, it was already pretty slow. Having some freeze issue, and that's still the case


The paid plans

I don't know if this is a good or bad side of this because I don't know how this good this works.


You can pay monthly or yearly to boost you mining speed. And as it's making x15, the plan is not working the same according to your CPU speed. The best you CPU is the best the plan is giving you.

You probably understood my opinion.

For me Cryptotab is not a scam (when it pays) but is absolutely not Worth it.

The first aim to use a browser should not be to earn money, especially when it makes browsing the internet slower. Not to mention that they are not easy to contact.

An I also have to say I don't really like BTC, there are a lot of reasons, the price, the fees, too much investors and scams, to earn BTC you have to pay or use really slow ways. While there are a lot of other cryptos you can earn easier and have smaller fees. Except Hive, my second favorite is probably Bitcoin Cash which has a lot of platforms to earn it, and a lot.

Is there an alternative ?

Yes there is one !

I'm personally using Brave for years now. Before even talking about the money earning, this is the best browser I used in my life. Speed and built in adblocker.

When you turn on the rewards you start to receive their own ads as notifications (if you click on it you earn more) and earn BAT (Basic Attention Token) for each ad you see. If you want a full tutorial to how to setup everything, @tokenizedsociety made an awesome post for that !!

The best thing about that is that your BATs can be used for several use cases. You can send tip with them to some websites accepting them directly on the browser. As you can do on my YouTube channel I will soon start to use 😉

It's really fast and the team put privacy in the first position on their goals for their browser. It's offering new features pretty often, a shop, a wallet, a défi platform and a VPN. For now you can only pay with fiat but the goal of the VPN is to accept BAT as payment.


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