RE: Are DeFi Yield Farming Platforms Here to Stay?

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Like most of things like this, if they last they will for sure be smaller and bigger at the same time.

If would probably be safer with a lot more users, with probably TVL of tens of billions of $ but the APY will start to be smaller and smaller. As does the CUB kingdom, the more user there are the smaller each user rewards become.

We could start to have platforms offering apr of %~10 or less for all their farms. I think. But as I'm absolutely everything but an expert I could be really far from the truth :')

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Fully agree. But i would add that as more and more people flow into defi, there will be a great oppurtunity: exclusivity.
We will see private farms with higher apy-s but you can join only if you match some criteria like existing balances in your wallet or anything the owners decide.

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You're right !
I didn't think about that but there are already farms like that, or with a short period of few day when you lock your funds for 1 month or with z capped staking.

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