How much money can you earn on hive ? - Last 2021 Update

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Today I was taking a look at an "old post of me" on which I was talking about all my 2021 goals. And I exceeded most of them !!


At this time in April I was holding 1700 HIVE and my goal was to reach between 2000 and 2500. I reached the soft cap recently, I am today at 2002 HIVE Power + around 30 HBD in my savings.

It looks like I'm not earning a lot of Hive, not a problem, I'm earning them slowly but surely and I love to see my curation being now almost $0.06 so that makes me $0.3 everyday just thanks to curation, that's perfect !

But this is one of the only goals I barely reached !


Like last time, I'm not really active on Leofinance, but I tried my best to share good content on it and I've been able to receive great amounts of Leo for different reasons. As a payment for a work (around 20Leo) and from a CubFinance little cash out (around 250 Leo). That 2 ways plus my posts earnings made some great work and my holding went from 50LP in April to 300 LP today !!

My goal was only 100 with a dream goal of 200 and I reached it too +100 ! I'm really happy of this one !
Since last time I also earned some Leo from CubLife, LBI and my delegation to @leo.voter !

This one have been exploded and that's not the only one !


For most of the other Hive-Engine Tokens I also went way Higher that what I was aiming !



Current : 471
Goal : 100

For this one that have been pretty easy, for a moment I was even sending them to VFTLab to get rewards from it. Thanks to some posts I made about diffent projects I worked on or just my musical taste I've earned some. Now the really low price of it let my buy a lot of it for really nothing but now I really don't know if I should continue to buy it or not. I don't know if there will be something that will help it to grow again...



Current : 1856
Goal : 1000
In April when I said 1000 I was a little afraid. I didn't know if I would be able to finally reach it before the end of the year. And at a moment I was not posting a lot about cinema or video so my stake was growing pretty low. But at a moment I started to comment more and vote everyday with my cine power. I reached 1000 and weeks ago now I started something

I started that Challenge where I will watch EVERY Ryan Reynolds movies and review it, and that works for me ! I'm earnings pretty great rewards with it ! For both Hive and Cine. I only made like 1/4 of the movies and Already earned more than 700 Cine with it !



Current : 270
Goal : 250

I am not really looking at those rewards. I use the tag and earn with the posts and comments but I don't really know when I'm earning it until I receive it in my wallet :') But I'm really happy to see that I reached the goal !



Current : 3959
Goal : 5000

As you can see, I didn't reach it. Since April I made only 1 foodie post and I Didn't earn so much from it.
I don't really know If I will continue to use it. But I'm thinking about making my foods posts on my alt account @ykretz.sports maybe :/



Current : 113
Goal : 50

This one have been really great ! I reached it thanks to several things ! At a moment I had a lot of things to comment on posts about I don't remember what but the Upvote I get from them were like 2-3 Archon each ! And at a moment the price was pretty low which let my buy some of it for a really small price !
Now I'm also setting @archon-gov as a 5% beneficiary of my posts and get a small archon upvote for each post ! During writing this post I also realized that I should totally join the curation trail because if I take advantage of it I should also help other people using it !

The most interesting part is the dividends, or investing, tokens :


This is what I was wantir for that tokens :

I would like to reach a hundred of both DHedge and HE-INDEX, 50 Sol would be awesome, at least 20 or 25 LBI, and at least 10 BRO and UTOPIS.

We can say that at least I reached them all !!




As you can see, 100 INDEX, more than 100 DHEDGE, 50 LBI instead of 25, 50 SOL, 10 BRO and way more than 10 UTOPIS. I also added 2 other coins like that. CubLife, which is earning weekly Leo and SEED !
I'm really happy to see everything of that growing and I sometimes earn them faster than I thought ! I'll try to continue to buy some of them ! I don't really know how much, I will definitely need tome time to think of my future 2022 goals.

There are so much good projects here on hive, and other that are not as good but we don't know before they fell.

I really appreciate so much being on hive. More than the rewards I love to be here learnings things from others and from myself.

I personally probably never get that much invested in something for so long than hive. I'm here since almost 20 months, only few weeks after the birth of Hive, and I still love to come here again.

Withtout Hive I would probably never have watched all that Ryan Reynolds movies :') And I'm sure now that I will do the same for other actors in the future so I will discover a lot of other great and terrible movies. Thanks to the blockchain and anyone who's on it ! 😉


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Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

I really appreciate so much being on hive. More than the rewards I love to be here learnings things from others and from myself.

Hive let us earn, learn, invest and grow.

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