How to get free crypto for tweeting ? Easy $2/day

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There is no surprise. You will not get free crypto for writing tweet if you are actually on twitter.

But the website I want to share with you is approximately the same. If you want to earn free crypto you just have to tweet. You write whatever you want, since you're not flooding or stealing other people's content you can earn money whatever the topic.

On noise.cash you'll be paid to be liked on shorts posts.

And when I say short post that can be as short as a tweet or longer, there is no real maximum length I think. All you have to to is to have a genuine content and have people to see and like it and you will start earning BitcoinCash (BCH).

That's as simple as that ! And you can post about whatever you want, from a new information you saw about a crypto, but you can also share a nice picture you took with some information about it. Maybe you want to share your latest performance at gym ? Go for it ! Basically, if that could go on Twitter or Instagram, you can also share it here !

Where to share it ?

The Channels

Once you're on noise.cash you just have to clock on "Channels" at the top left of the screen and you'll see that :


You can choose to see only the channels you subscribed or all of them, search for a key word (I searched "Cryptocurrency" here). And once you're subscribed you can start to post in them.

For that nothing hard, once you're in it you have a text box, you write whatever you want if that respects the channels' rules, add images if you want (that's recommended) and send it. After that you just have to wait for people to like the post. I also recommend you to respond the comments and to comment other people posts. And to motivate you remember that you can also earn BCH if people like your comments.

Receive money

To receive the money you'll need to setup your BCH address to noise.cash. For that go in the "settings" tab :


Here you will need to put your address. If you don't have a highly recommend you Nexo which gives you daily interests on your holdings, on it you can also trade your BCH for other currencies likes BTC, ETH or many others. Once you registered, you'll need to take your Deposit address in BCH top-ups, copy it and paste it here :

I'll show you with mine :

My addess : *3H7YsuR9afs64HLYGqfKiFtSCosxacQYHE

I take it and paste it in the address converting tool and I get this : bitcoincash:pz5jmdvczupefd9k7aeu6pequjtp84je3gwgyaj32x*

Once you get this new address stating with "bitcoincash:" you copy it and paste in the text box in settings on noise.cash. I also advise you to set you minimum payout to $2. After that you just need to make your posts and you'll receive your BCH each time your posts accumulated more than $2 tips directly on Nexo and you will start earning daily dividends on it !

Except that, everything is like on twitter.

You just have to make your micro posts, you can comment pictures and links. You can also renoise content (like a retweet) and get a fraction of the tip when people like the renoise. (Pay attention to that, the website team said they are not paying users that are only renoising others' content)


If you want to bring some friends, remember that next to the settings tab you have the "affiliates", so you can invite your friends and get some extra rewards when they earn BCH !


So please, if you want to create your account now, use my link and subscribe 😉


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