It gets interesting!

Have you ever started a day with high hopes, gone on the internet and just put down your phone or laptop because you couldn't just wrap…

Can I walk you through this?

One of the world's largest online stores is getting set to fully endorse crypto payments. In the recent news (maybe not so recent)…

Accepting losses with profits

The regulation in Nigeria a few months back that limited financial institutions from servicing crypto exchanges have so far done only…

How much greed is actually greedy?

I recently read about the fear and greed index. The range from 0 (extreme fear) to 100 (extreme greed) that's dependent on seven…

Can regulations be regulated?

Among the numerous countries enforcing crypto regulations is Iran. Iran is the second-largest country in the middle-east, with a…

Could robots ever take over this part of the world?

I recall a conversation I had with my older brother some weeks ago when we got into my father's car and the radio came on. He said, "very…

What's the HODL?

According to data shared by Glassnode, an on-chain market intelligence that shares data on the blockchain, despite Bitcoin's growth over…

Why do spenders always become lenders?

Recently, I ended a financially draining relationship or one that would eventually become a financial burden. It took me almost 4 months…

Like a boss

I read on Cointelegraph about an employer who demanded that payment made last year August should be refunded due to its 700% increase…

How much KYC do you need to KYC???

The government of Thailand made the decision recently to tighten its KYC procedure. This decision was made by the countries Anti-Money…

The future of a single currency: Could this be the revelation?

I read an article that made reference to Bitcoin and the mark of the beast. ![1_6WjICvYMDOeCCZ4GNEkSvQ.jpeg](

Are cats mooning???

If you've been paying attention to some part of the entertainment, crypto, and general news lately, you'd probably have heard about NFTs…

I think I stumble on goldmines often

My view of money, for as long as I can remember has always been - money lacks direction . I have this belief that without…

Here's why I think cats are gold-diggers

I woke up this morning with the hopes of writing about dogs and crypto but it appears cats are still in the lead.…

Does your cat know all they need to know about bitcoin?

Getting your cat on to a stable financial start should be a priority. The activities of financial institutions like JP Morgan make you…

How much thought should I put into buying currencies?

My first experience with other Cryptocurrencies asides Hive and Steem was last year. I was gifted a small amount of XRP by a friend who…

Singapore Making FINTECH Look Good

Financial institutions around the world face a variety of issues. These issues could stem from policies (they almost always start with

Policies and Disasters

NatWest, a UK-based lender has recently made a move at losing their Corporate clients through a cryptocurrency-related policy.


source RIT Capital Partners, a London-based trust founded in the early 1960s with a current market cap of over $5

CBNs and CCMs

source Payments through cryptocurrency have now become a norm in some parts of the world and are gradually becoming pr