Financially uncomfortable situations.

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Last night, I went on a pretty risky drink and drive with an old friend.

We went out, got some booze by 9 pm and went around driving around our neighbourhood between 12 am and 2 am. It was an epic experience, risky, but mad fun and it started weirdly. WhatsApp Image 20220518 at 9.46.09 PM.jpeg

Image taken by me on a certain night

So, we got to the mall and although I had my purse, some money and my credit card, I told him I wouldn't be carrying any money and he felt surprised that I told him that but for the wrong reasons.

He asked me why I had to tell him that and my reason was pretty simple; I didn't want a situation where we get stranded and he has to fall back on me coz I had no idea what we were getting and I'd hate to be in a situation to help and not have my money with me.

I had to give him a heads up so if he knew he'd need my help, I expected him to say so on time. We go out like once or twice a year and most we split the bill every single time and I guess it's one of the things I fancy about our relationship.

I realised that I fancy male friendships that are open like that and not built on petting the male ego because it always causes an issue with me. I'm not about to always have to select what I have to say in a financially uncomfortable situation because I don't want to make a guy feel bad.

Yeah, these are pretty silly reasons to avoid being blunt but I have more fun when I can comfortably be blunt and opt out of being financially involved if I feel like it.

My friend was actually impressed that I said what I said coz he hadn't been in a situation like that with me. He knows I always try to be safe financially when I go out with guys because of certain almost embarrassing experiences I've had.

PS: If you haven't been on a midnight drink and drive, you really should try it. And try not to get killed during the process.

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