Pain and productivity

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Have you ever been in so much pain that productivity was a huge problem? This may not exactly be a major health issue but just, you know, unbearable pain. Take for instance the haemorrhoids I've been struggling with for over a month now. pexelspietrojeng360622.jpg

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At first, when the pain started it was hard doing pretty much anything. I stopped working and tried to focus on trying to fix the problem, then I found a solution and the pain began to subside but the moment I was done with the medication, the pain resurfaced.

Now, I'm stuck with this constant pain and the question is: do I stop working entirely and put my life on hold because of this pain or do I just keep going? Yeah, I don't have the privilege of sitting, doing nothing and expecting life to just work out well for me.

So, back to work I go.

I stopped going to the gym when the pain became serious, I also stopped sitting at my desk to work and I tried to get accustomed to lying down positions to get work done but I realised that they didn't make me half as productive as I should be.

I've had to force myself to ignore the pain and push through because I don't have enough privilege to chill and wait for the pain to decide to leave before I get back to being productive.

My mom called and tried to talk me out of going on with my normal life but I told her I'll be trying to adjust my life to the pain and live with it until it decides to go.

So, while I've returned to sitting and working, I now pad my sides with pillows as often as I can and try to sit in slanted positions because that takes the pressure off my pain point.

It's a lot of work being productive while in pain but I don't have a choice. There's a lot of work on my desk at the moment and this sort of pain is not meant to hold me back from getting shit done. Money has to be made regardless.

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