The temporary luxury of being semi-dependent

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My parents don't seem disappointed in me these days. And that's saying a lot for an African or Nigerian parent about their 23-year-old unmarried single graduate unemployed daughter who lives in their house, eats their food and has the balls to offer an opinion about everything every day.

I mean they actually seem to have some respect for me and it's such a huge deal, I can't explain it. I mean recently I've been broke and they gave me some money and have still maintained their casual respect.

In my mind, I'm constantly reminding myself that all this is temporary and in the next year since I'm very convinced that I will remain unmarried the best thing for me to do to maintain sanity will be to move out.

I know I'm probably overreacting, but am I? They're great and all but how long will they be able to put up with my casual bullshit?

Although I make them smile every 2 or 3 days when I buy them shawarma or pizza and some alcohol I know they'd eventually see through my bribes and give me hell when they realize I'm making no effort at giving them that son-in-law of their dreams.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying these luxuries of being semi-independent. I foot my personal bills like get clothes for myself, make sure I look neat, make sure I eat out when the food at home sucks and ensure I don't lack any item that could make my life better.

These used to be my parent's responsibilities and I've taken it from them. It was a hard pill to swallow but I learnt to do it and I've been doing it effortlessly now.

On the other hand, my parents take care of all the bills that come with owning the home. They pay the light bills, fix the generator, provide gas and make sure there's always water and food to eat.

I believe this works out great because they have the money to do these things and if they don't do these things they have nothing more to do with their money. So I believe they'd rather pick up all these expenses than pay my tuition or get a call from me every week begging for some funds.

So far, I'm loving the routine we have. I have my space and they have their time. I generally just have to abide by some casual rules that I don't even mind at this point because the more time I spend indoors the better for my health and my finances.

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