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Money is a complicated topic. Most of our beliefs about money are formed in childhood and influenced by our experiences, family members, friends, and even role models.

These beliefs can be stuck in our subconscious minds for years or even decades without us realizing they're there—and they oftentimes limit how much money we make and how we think about money.

In this article, I'll share some of the most common limiting beliefs people(myself included) have about money and explain how to remove them from your life.

I Don't Have Enough Money

The first step is to acknowledge that you have a limiting belief. The next step is to recognize the limiting belief and understand its origins.

As an example, let's say I believe that I don't have enough money. I may not realize this is a limiting belief because it sounds like one of those things everyone says, such as "money doesn't grow on trees" or "there's no such thing as a free lunch."

In actuality, these kinds of statements are both beliefs about money and limiting ones at that. It's akin to looking at the night sky and seeing a few stars making you think that there are only a handful of stars. In reality, there a billion of stars (maybe more). It's the same thing with money. When we don't have enough money, we think there's not enough money out there.

I Will Never Have Enough Money

This is the scarcity mindset and the most common limiting belief about money that I used to struggle with (blame my lofty dreams). You might think that you will never have enough money, but I’m here to tell you that this can be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Let me explain: If you believe that “I will never have enough money,” then there's a good chance that your subconscious mind will agree with this idea and actually send out signals to the universe that make it true for you. I didn't first believe this universe signal thing but after some personal experiences and reading quantifiable data, there is some truth to it. It's just part of the laws of the universe.

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I Don't Deserve To Be Wealthy

This is a big one.

This belief is so common, and it's a shame. It makes people feel like they're not worthy of being wealthy because of things that have happened in the past or because of who they think they are as a person.

For example, if you grew up poor, then you might think that money doesn't belong to people like you or that it's only for certain types of people (like rich snobby people).

If you were bullied as a kid, maybe now as an adult you don't feel like anyone deserves what they have because all the stuff in life has been handed to them on a silver platter.

The fact is that none of this matters when it comes to your ability to make and keep money—because being grateful for what we have is more important than anything else. Being grateful means appreciating all the good things we've got going on in our lives and the bad things too because someone out there might be having it worse than us.

I Will Always Struggle With Money

This belief can be limiting because it makes you feel like there's nothing you can do to change your relationship with money. It'll make you feel powerless, like there's a force that is bigger than you in the universe and that force will dictate how much money comes into your life.

This belief might also make you feel like even if money did come into your life, it would leave as quickly as it came.

It's important to realize that this isn't true! You have the power over your own finances and what happens with them.

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If we look at our finances as an extension of our self-identity rather than something outside of ourselves—like physics or luck—then we can start making changes in order to improve our financial well-being.

Instead of waiting for things outside ourselves (like luck) or magical forces (like God) to intervene on behalf of us "struggling" people who don't know how to manage their own lives well enough yet without needing some divine intervention from above.

Finding A Way To Overcome The Limiting Belief

How can we find a way to overcome this limiting belief so that it doesn't hold us back from achieving our financial goals or even just enjoying life more fully?

There are two ways.

Firstly, You can remove your limiting beliefs about money by knowing them and working on them with focused attention. Once you source what the limiting belief is, you can then focus your attention on removing it by learning and understanding data points about them.

For example, thinking that it's too late to become financially successful, you can expose yourself to informations about people way older than you with no 'special gifts' becoming financial successful. This would gradually kill that belief for you, making it fall flat every time it tries to come up.

Secondly, if it works for you is positive affirmations. Most of these beliefs are rooted in the subconscious, so positive affirmations can subconsciously change your subconscious mind about the limiting belief about money. The first one is more like the brute force method, proactively changing the limiting belief through data and facts. While this one is kind of passively, happening in the background.

And if you're really serious on overcoming this limiting beliefs then there's a third option; combine the first and the second, do both of them simultaneously.

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