The Art Of Resourcefulness

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Life will not always go your way. It constantly shifts in different directions. Sometimes favourable to you, sometimes not so. Every now and then, we find ourselves in situations where our hands seems to be tied, we don't have the proper tools or resources to be able to effectively accomplish our objectives.

Some people will try to wait until they have the proper tools to carry out their work. In most cases, the waiting robs them of valuable time that they could utilize for something else.

On the other hand, There are a very few people who when they lack the proper tools or resources, rise to the occasion by becoming more creative. A lack of resources forces them to be more inventive, why wait when they don't know how long it's going to take? Why not attack it head on and deal with it with what they have? Time is limited.


Basically, being resourceful means doing the most with what you've got. It's akin to the leverage mindset which is doing more with less. In a way, Resourcefulness means doing more with the little you've got.

I personally a few years ago had neither a laptop nor a home internet connection but that didn't stop me from starting an online business. Instead of waiting for the tools, I used my smartphone and went to public spaces to have some internet connection. It wasn't fun, doing your work on a small screen requires a lot of patience and there was always connection jams on public spaces. I couldn't wait, had to do it with I've got. Imagine if I took the attitude of waiting for the tools to start the online business? I'll probably still be waiting right now.

Obstacles are always bound to stand on our way especially at the beginning. You always encounter a lack of resources at the start of your journey. If it's a financial journey, it will be lack of capital to invest. If it's business, it could be lack of capital to market your idea, lack of human resource to outsource the work or lack of connections for business partners (social capital). Your mindset is always the determining factor, how do you see it? Should you wait for the perfect time or attack it head on?

There's an inspirational story of a man who got stranded on an island with no belonging except for the things he was wearing. He suddenly found himself all alone having to fend for himself. The first thing he did was explore the island, he realized that the in land was a forest inhabited by a bunch of animals, some quite wild. So he decided to stay on the shore and feed on the fishes. The shore was invaded by sea lions and he was forced to retreat in land. Now, he had to live in the forest. He domesticated the feral cats for protection, milked the wild goats for food and used their hides for clothes. He fashioned new objects from some of the things he was wearing. Once he was finally rescued and the ordeal was over. He said those where the moments he felt most alive in his whole life.

The point is you're more prone to be resourceful when your back is against the wall and you have no other options but must deal with it, there's no chance for you to think about waiting. This often unleashes the capacity of the human mind bursting out creativity and inventiveness. Ironically, the worst times seems to be the best times.

People who haven't been dealt with a better hand understand this quite well.


Do not wait for a favourable time to start doing your work. Do it now with what you've got. There's this gold in our minds that comes out during hard times but you don't have to be in hard times for it to come out. You can actively get in touch with it by becoming resourceful. The mind can be tricked by creating a false alarm, having the right mindset is what matters.

Like the old saying goes; Neccesity is the mother of invention.

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