Can a JPEG Really Be Worth $1 Million+? | NFTs Explained

▶️ Watch on 3Speak NFTs have had an incredible few months. Individual NFTs have sold for more than a milli

Majority of Americans Today Think Financial Future For Their Kids Will Be Worse

Median home values in the U.S. have increased steadily over the years to the point where it has some questioning whether or not it might…

🏆Marjorie Taylor Greene's Call to Action // Hive Tips Giveaway for tweeting and promoting Hive on Twitter // HiveFixesThis Initiative 🏆

Updated Twitter Rules. This will apply to everyone who are interested to participate ✅ Don't include any hashtags (like #Hive etc) ✅…

How Much Ethereum Is Burned Per Day? | Data On Daily ETH Burned VS Inflation

Ok, so the hot topic in crypto these days is burning Ethereum. Let’s take a look at the data for the first days! With the last…

More than Half of Americans Today Have Less Than 3 Months Emergency Savings

Young Americans might be saving for retirement earlier today but there are still many who are burdened with debt and w

Cryptocurrency adoption: In the long run Elon Musk and other investors mean nothing for the Bitcoin value

The reason is very simple. It’s all about getting Bitcoin adopted, not about investments. Like I explained in a previous article, the…

IRS To NOT Go After Miners If Considered Brokers

Is it a law if nobody enforces it? In another twist of the American legal system, the IRS has chimed in on the cryptocurrency debate…

How to take advantage of high HBD prices - Over 10% profit

I'm going to tell you how to earn over 10% profit from the HBD market right now. With the recent hard fork, a new operation was…

Cardano's Deal with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education - the good, the bad and the ineffective

IOHK, the company behind Cardano made headlines back in April 2021 with the news that it was partnering with the the Ministry of…

Earning more than a million

I have spent the last few hours readjusting some of the positions of my shitcoins alts , as I still felt I had too much sitting on…

Big Tech wants your data!

Nom Nom Nom Do you think it's weird? This whole drama of Tesla accepting Bitcoin as payment for a car? You should, it's weird. Also…

Creating A New Country Digitally

Creating a new country is not easy. Traditionally it was a very violent process. Wars were waged resulting the in victors able to claim…

That day we interviewed John McAfee on Anonymous Bites Back

It was October 31 in 2019, around Halloween, and it was probably one of the last interviews John McAfee gave in public. We managed to get…

📊 Daily Twitter Data Reports as of July 10, 2021

Our Daily Reports in all the tweets related to #Hive, hope you will enjoy what you see here as we are trying to boost Hive's popularity…

What Is The Future Of DOGE?

What is going on with Dogecoin? That is the question on the mind's of many. Elon Musk is often tweeting about it and it seems to be a…

A Parallel Financial System

We are seeing it unfolding right before our eyes. Over the last 12 years, since the introduction of Bitcoin, we are seeing a parallel…

Why I became a Crypto Anarchist and declared war against the financial system (Deep Dive)

I was never really a big fan of the cryptocurrency community. Not because I didn't like the idea, but because I've always preferred…

South African brothers disappear with 2 billion euros in Bitcoins

Two South African brothers, founders of a cryptocurrency trading platform, have disappeared with more than 2 billion euros in bitcoins. If…

Bitcoin drops hard again during turbulent week, under investigation?

On crypto platform Coindesk, bitcoin faced a 7% loss to $32,000 around 10 p.m. (Dutch time). Earlier this week, the cryptocurrency even…

Anonymous Bites Back - John McAfee / Crypto Currency / Free Commander X and more (June 24, 2021)

In this episode we discuss what happened with John Mcafee, the history, crypto currency and more. We also give the latest updates in the…