SPK Network and Ragnarok Snapshot Countdown is going to end , Hurry up Claim Drop (snapshot) In 0 days 45 minutes

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All I know is that today is a wonderful day for the hive blockchain community. And I'm glad today is the day of the #3speak team's hard work and quest for # web3. But today an hour later an SPK and #3speak network team is going to take a snapshot and this snapshot means a picture that will be taken from your hive wallet and then whatever is in your $ hive liquid wallet or in hp , Equal to that you will be rewarded airdrop. You all already know about it in detail but my post is an awareness that if you have not yet transferred $ Hive from exchange or any other wallet to your hive wallet then there is still one hour left , Quickly transfer your hive to hive wallet so you can get future SPK airdrop. Click this link if you want to see more details or countdown clock. I don't have many hives but I am very happy and excited because a new development is going to happen on the hive blockchain. So are you all ready? Yes we are ready

thank you @theycallmedan for this great day,, enjoy

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