Hive blockchain #11|| Are You Ready/excited for the dawn of January 6,2022. Yes! i'm || #web3 gift

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My dear friends!

You and I all know that January 6th,2022 is a historical day for the hive blockchain and # 3speak blockchain community. We all know that airdrops are going to rain on the hive blockchain on January 6, 2022. We are all very excited and I have moved some $ hive to my holding hive wallet. But many new users still do not know which user will get airdrop on January 6,2022. My dear friends, if you have $ hive or hive power more than eight $hive then you will be eligible in this snapshot taken for airdrop on January 6,2022. ۔ But if your hive wallet has less than eight power or $hive then you will not join this snapshot. If your $ hive is in liquid or in the case of HP then both balances will count for you. So if you haven't bought $ hive coin yet, buy it quickly and transfer it to hive wallet so that you can enjoy the day of 6th January.2022. I think January 6th ,2022 will be a historic day for the hive blockchain community. I've talked about this topic in detail in this video. If you find my video helpful, please let me know in the comments.


I'm Yousaf ,my profession is teaching, writing, i love food, travelling,photography and splinterlands gaming, and sportstalks and 3speak very much. i am using hive since 2017.

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