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Let's go to another Sharing Your Battle event, this time the chosen card is one of my favorites from the Chaos Legions collection, the ugly monster Cursed Windeku, this scary unit is present in almost all of my death element matches, so I had no difficulty in winning with it and posting here.




Cursed Windeku is a rare card of the element of death released in the Chaos Legions collection, uses melee attacks, its main ability is Thorn that is present since LVL 1 and this is its main mark, from LVL 5 acquires Heal and in the last LVL Slow, for being extremely resistant thanks to its great HP and ability to heal itself it is used in the first position as a tank, but sometimes it can be played in the last position to protect its back line from sneak attacks.

Best Rules: Equal Opportunity, Holy Protection, Melee Mayhem, Super Sneak, Amplify, Up Close and Personal and Unprotected.

Worst Rules: Healed Out and Equalizer.



Its versatility on the battlefield and the incredible popularity make Cursed Windeku the most expensive rare monster in the Chaos Legions collection, its regular foil version costs $0.47 and his gold foil version costs $4.69, it's very usable in any of the leagues especially bronze one, making a huge success with the bots 😅.


⚔️ My Team ⚔️



img_combat-rule_heavy-hitters_150.pngHeavy Hitters - All monsters gain the Knock Out ability.
img_combat-rule_up-to-eleven_150.pngAmplify - All monsters have the Amplify ability.

A match with 38 mana and Heavy Hitters/Amplify rules, this second rule is very interesting for the star of the match, knowing this I positioned Cursed Windeku as tank, to take more advantage of the Amplify rule I positioned Djinn Muirat as off-tank, for support I left only one card the Spirit Hoarder to heal the back line if necessary, in the end I chose 3 DPS: Uraeus, Magi Necrosi and Lira The Dark.
My strategy is to hit several targets in various positions from the opponent's tank to the back line using cards with the abilities stealth, sniper and opportunity, so that Lira The Dark always has the best target at hand, in addition, I hope to cause a lot of damage with Windeku's thorn.

Thaddius Brood_lv5.pngSummoner : A standard summoner of the death element, its biggest advantage is that debuffs are almost always well-used, especially the HP one.
Cursed Windeku_lv5.pngTank : The star of the match, is a very resistant unit, and also possesses the powerful thorn skill, all this combined with the ability to heal itself makes him a powerful tank.
Djinn Muirat_lv3.pngOff-Tank: Sometimes I use this card in the second position to stand as an off-tank, thus attracting some snipers while protecting my team's more fragile shooters, it will gain a bonus from the Amplify rule.
Uraeus_lv5.pngDPS: Low cost and great damage, especially if it poisons the opposing unit.
Magi Necrosi_lv5.pngDPS : I really like these Magi, it can stay hidden and hit the opposing shooters hard.
Spirit Hoarder_lv3.pngSuport: I usually don't use support in matches of this element, but I chose to use this one to give Lira and Djinn more lifetime.
Lira the Dark_lv3.pngDPS: A very strong hunter, and it even gives a speed bonus to your cards helping them hit first, will have plenty of targets to hunt.


🤜The Battle 🤛


Analyzing the match: A tough matchup the blue summoner's armor bonus is very strong, only the opponent tank will focus on Windeku initially and Deeplurker will destroy my weak back line. My main strategy won't last long as Lira will be very targeted, I have much more damage on the table than my opponent, especially if I defeat some of his DPS early on.

Round 1 - I thought there was going to be a bloodbath in this first round, but all units finish the round alive, Lira dodges a Uraeus hit that would take her out of the game.


Round 2 - Early on, Lira knocks out Uraeus, but it's revived soon after, almost halfway through the round my Uraeus is eliminated and at the end the Djinn Muirat knocks out the opponent's tank. My Cursed Windeku is practically unharmed.


Round 3 - Again DeepLurker attacks and takes my support out of the game, halfway through the round my legendary Lira is knocked out.


Round 4 - Halfway through the round Magi knocks out River Hellondale reducing some of the opponent's damage and near the end the Djinn Muirat eliminates another card, this time the Baakjira.


Round 5 - Early on DeepLuker defeats another card of mine, this time it was the Djinn Muirat, in the penultimate moment of the round Magi knocks out Uraeus. I have a bit of an advantage now, my DPS can't be reached at the moment and all opposing cards will suffer with the Cursed Windeku's thorn skill.


Round 6 - And finally the victory came, the Cursed Windeku applied a lot of damage with his thorn, killing Pelacor, but the last hit of the game was applied by Magi Necrosi ending the match.


🎊 Conclusion 🎊


My initial strategy didn't work, I made the mistake of not protecting Lira from sneak attacks, and she didn't last long, but the thorn of the Cursed Windeku shone in the end and helped me in the victory. My tank stayed alive until the last moment of the game and had an excellent participation, the Djinn Muirat did not use it's reflect ability, but eliminated several units only with basic damage, my support did not last long too and was the second card eliminated from my field, at least helped Lira withstand one more hit, the DPS were hunted by DeepLurker and died quickly the only exception was the Magi thanks to its camouflage skill was alive until the end.

Without a doubt Cursed Windeku is one of the most famous cards of the element of death in the modern format, it can be resistant and still cause a lot of damage, all this for only 6 mana, this ugly monster is present in almost all my matches of this element, because it can play well in most rules, I highlight the Melee Mayhem Up Close and Personal both rules make good use of its signature skill the thorn.


Game Link: Splinterlands


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cursed windeku is fun to play because people just die themself from thorns and he healing and healing:D

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Cursed Windeku card proved to be very good. One specialty of this card is that whenever a card attacks it, it gets replaced. And your post is also well written.


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