HIVE at $0.323, a good buying opportunity.

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Hello lovely people of Hive community. Hopefully you will be enjoying your life with good helath and spirit. Friends, bearish trend continue in crypto market as the market observed more than 2% dip in last 24 hours. At the time of writing globa crypto market is around $833 Billion which was around $850 Billion yesterday.


Recent dip encountered due to bankruptcy of FTX exchange. FTX debacle created FUD in market as a result panic selling observed in market.

Tough time for crypto but at the same time dip in market provides an opportunity to purchase coins at cheap rate. Our beloved blockchain coin Hive also observed massive dip during last week. In last 7 days coin observed almost 34% dip. Currently Hive is trading around $0.323. In my opinion it is a good buying opportunity.

Investment on Hive is a good idea as the coin is undervalued according to its potential. Hive may easily surpasses $1 durring bullish run. Remember Hive recorded all time high worth of $3.42 in the past. Current worth is almost more than 90% down from its all time high worth. This make Hive a good choice for investment. Hive is a home of wonderful project like leofinance, cubdefi, splinterlands etc. The way Hive is growing one can say it has good future. Good buying opportunity to buy Hive at $0.323. What is your opinion my friends?

This is it for my today post. Wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous life ahead. Have a nice time.