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Did you know, Twenty (20) American states are now legalizing the process of LIQUEFYING DEAD PEOPLE?

The process is throwing human gunk and flesh the sewage drains, after that the flesh which is now in a slime form is harvested as 'biofertilizers'.

These bio-fertilizers will be used to fertilize various food crops in the farm.

The state of Wisconsin is one of the 20 states that legalizes this 'horrible' idea. And do you know what is their name for it? - Water Cremation. The main ingredient that is used to 'cremate' the bodies is called Lye, it's a form of chemical that eats away human flesh. Once the human flesh is eaten away by this chemical, it turns into a slimy fluid. These slime fertilizers will be delivered in trucks to the farms.

The question is where will these huge amount of human be sourced from?

These flesh will be coming from the remains of the vaccine-murdered individuals of the covid death wave. The timing of these legalization is relevant to what is going currently on the pandemic and the vaccine roll out. To someone that has been following this 'pandemic', they now know that covid vaccine-murdered human beings are being planned to be liquefied and spread on food crops across the United States. According to medical whistleblowers, jab recipients will be suffering from Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) disorder that will wreck havoc on the human blood.

David Lewis is the top scientist who blew the whistle on this project. Sadly, he was professionally destroyed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). His book tells all the horrendous plan called, “Science For Sale.” This has been a 'plandemic', premeditated scenario.

What will happen to these crops that are to be eaten by consumers -the fruits and vegetables that is being dumped with human flesh and vaccine RNA fragments? Who knows? People who would survive would be eating non-organic products grown from human remains.

This is serious and real.

The State of Wisconsin has this bill - the Senate Bill SB228.

Under this bill, a person may use the process of alkaline hydrolysis to cremate human remains only if the person is registered as a crematory authority by the Department of Safety and Professional Services. Alkaline hydrolysis is a process that uses water, alkaline chemicals, pressure, and heat to reduce human remains for final disposition. The bill places the use of alkaline hydrolysis for cremating human remains under generally the same requirements that apply under current law to conventional cremation.

Visit the the Senate's website for full information.

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