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In this article we are going to be talking about the Trust Investing business plan. What are we buying? What is the commitment of the company? What can we profit from and how does the whole process work?

We must first understand that Trust Investing is a company that manages our capital in the form of Bitcoin. We invest and they have hired specialists in all the best opportunity markets and they make our money grow. Of course in the process they earn a lot, but as long as I multiply my earnings, it doesn't bother me that they earn too, go ahead.

Company commitment

Trust Investing's commitment to its investors is that they will double the value of their investment. Regardless of the amount of money invested in a plan, it stops generating profits when it reaches 200% of its value. These earnings refer to those generated by the business that the company carries out with that money, it is not related to the earnings from the compensation plan.

If, for example, a $ 100 plan is purchased (amount selected only to make the calculations more beautiful). That plan begins to generate profit 48 hours later, every day from Monday to Friday. Daily earnings range between 0.1% and 5%, but since I'm in at least, it's almost always between 0.6% and 1.2%. Although I have come to see 0.2%, but I have had 1.7%, 1.6%, 1.4%, etc.

For the case of the example of $ 100, that means that the day it is 1%, $ 1 will be received and so on. Important clarification that this profit is independent by plans. If you have purchased more than one plan, these percentages apply to all active plans and the profit for the day is the sum of all that. If it were a plan of $ 100 and another of $ 60 for example, the profit of the day would be 1% of 100 added with 1% of 60, that is, $ 1.6.

Continuing with the example, the $ 100 plan purchased expires or ends when the sum earned by that plan reaches $ 200. I clarify again that it is profit for business, not for compensation plan.

At the rate that they have taken so far, as each month almost always has 20 working days, approximately 20% of the amount invested is earned. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. But in approximately 5 months the investment has been recovered and in the next 5 months it will double.

Percents received for months since the company went public

These long-time frames sometimes make the business plan less attractive to some people. But to me that means they are not really trying to fool me. A deception would be that they will double my money in 10 days. Really?, who do you do business with, Pablo Escobar?

In any case, there are ways to make more profit using Compound Interest and the Compensation Plan. These extra earnings shorten the payback time of the investment quite a bit. If you have read my article "TRUST INVESTING, withdrawals", you can see with images that in two and a half months I have actually recovered my initial investment. I will explain these two concepts in more detail in a separate article for each.

Any questions you have can ask in the comments and perhaps I have to add some more information to the article if you deem appropriate, just tell me.

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