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In this article we are going to be talking about Trust Investing's compensation plan or referral plan. What is it and how it works? What can we profit from and how does the whole process work?

We must first understand that Trust Investing is a company that manages our capital in the form of Bitcoin. We invest and they have hired specialists in all the best opportunity markets and they make our money grow. Of course in the process they earn a lot, but as long as I multiply my earnings, it doesn't bother me that they win too, go ahead.

You will remember the first article "TRUST Investing, a solid investment" that mentioned that to enter as a member of the system you have to be invited by another member. This form of affiliation is done so that members receive benefits from their referrals and are proactive in finding new members.

Wait, this sounds to me like the so-called Ponzi or Pyramid system, which are scams that deceive people and steal their money. Well yes, more or less.

Ponzi scheme

The Ponzi Scheme is a fraudulent investment operation that involves paying current investors the interest earned from the money of new investors (and not from the generation of genuine profits). It is a pyramid system, in which the only way to distribute benefits requires that participants recommend and attract (refer) more clients with the aim that new participants produce benefits for the primary participants.

This system does not invest in financial instruments or of any other type, it only redistributes money from some investors to others, so the system works only if the number of investors in the pyramid continually grows; once people stop entering the "business", the scammer is prevented from keeping her promise and the pyramid collapses.

Clearly you don't have to be a genius to realize that such a system has no future. It would take an exponential entry of new members to sustain it. That's why they usually only last a short time and give big promises that they will never keep.

Trust Investing

Yes, Trust Investing uses a referral plan and encourages you as a member to find new members to increase your capital obviously. But it is not absolutely necessary for the business, not even for the member himself, to have referrals. Because the capital that is already in the business is generating profits.

This site itself uses a similar system, but that doesn't mean it is a Ponzi scheme.

I REPEAT, it is not necessary for the member to have referrals. It is better for him to have them, but it is not mandatory or necessary.

Compensation plan or referral plan

The Trust Investing Compensation or Referral Plan consists of two elements. The "Direct Bonus" and "Binary Bonus".

Direct Bonus

The “Direct Bonus” provides directly to the “Available” wallet 10% of any new Plan that a direct referral from you has purchased, and 5% if the plan is repeated.

I explain; A direct referral is a person who has entered the system using your invitation link. When that new member purchases a plan, whatever size it is, they will give you, the person who invited them 10% of the plan they purchased. Any plan you buy in the future, if it is the same as one you have already purchased, will give only 5%, but if the plan has never been purchased before, it will be new and therefore will give 10% again.

Example; the person you invited bought a $30 plan at the beginning for example. That automatically gave you $3 which is 10% of $30. If then that person buys a $15 plan, either because they put in more money or because they use their internal earnings to reinvest by making Compound Interest. That will give you $1.5 which is 10% of $15 because this plan was also new to him, even if it is smaller than the old one, it doesn't matter. If you later buy another plan for $15, then it would not be a new plan, because you had already bought the same one. This will give you only $0.75, or 5% of $15.

It is worth clarifying that none of these percentages affect the investment of the referred person at all. That money is given to you by the company for managing your team.

Binary Bonus

This is a little more complicated to explain and understand. When a new member registers in the system, he entered of course at the invitation of his sponsor and if he has not made any investment or plan purchase; Your sponsor can see it in the menu option “Network/Waiting room”. You are already a member of the system, but as you have not invested yet there is no change.



When you make the purchase of the first plan, then it is shown in the menu option "Network/My directs" and it is located in the branch or leg assigned to you by your sponsor. branch, leg, what is that ????? Easy.


Structure of the Binary Tree

Trust Investing uses a binary tree structure for the hierarchy of its members. Those who know something about computer systems programming may know something about this, but don't worry, I'll explain. It is nothing fantastic, binary tree simply means that each member can only place their referrals below it in only two positions or branches or legs whatever they want to call them, left and right. The location in the left or right branch of the next referral of yours that enters can be configured in the menu option "Network/Binary Tree".



Only two positions for the amount of referrals you have. How does this work? Well, you assign it to the left or right. If you assign it to the left for example and there was already some other referral, the new one simply remains below the one that was already there. But it is still referred directly to you, not to the member he fell under. Although this detail will be important later.


In this way, you are creating your referral team. Now, we have already talked about that when a direct referral buys a plan, they give you 10% of the plan or 5% if it was repeated as a Direct Bonus. Well in addition to that it also gives you the total of the plan purchase in points for the branch in which it is located.

Example; you put a referral on the left branch, and he bought a $30 plan. As we said it gives you $3 per direct bonus. But it also adds 30 binary points to its left branch. Thus, in the left branch it has 30 points and in the right 0 points. For now nothing happens.

But then you add another referral, and if you're smart, this time add it from the right branch. Let's say this new referral buys a $15 plan that of course gave you $1.5 as a direct bonus. But it also adds 15 binary points to its right branch. So now you have 30 points on the left and 15 on the right.

When this happens (that has binary points for both branches), at a specific time that day the binary is “Activated”. This activation subtracts the points of the branch with fewer points from the other, that one goes to zero and the other branch remains with the subtraction. And of the points subtracted, that is, those of the branch that had the least points, it gives 10% of the amount of points subtracted directly to the “Available” wallet.


In the example that we had put, as it has 30 and 15 points, the right branch goes to 0 points and the left branch remains with 15. 15 points were subtracted and therefore $1.5 is paid, which is 10% of the 15 points .

This activation of the binary can happen every day as long as you have points in both branches. Remember that the points are added to the branches for the purchase of plans from the entire list of referrals that you have added for each of them.

IMPORTANT MAGIC, all the members below you will add points, even if they are not directly yours, but referred to by a referral of yours. And so on all the way down the tree. This is easy said, but you have to understand it well. It means that all the members that are under the same branch of yours, whatever the number or depth levels they are in, add points for your binary with each plan they buy.

You may only invite two persons, one for each side, for example. But if those two created a super tree with many more, believe me the money will pour in.

This “Binary Bonus” topic is quite complex, so you can feel free to ask all you want in the comments or through my contacts (given at the end of the article).

Any questions you have can ask in the comments and perhaps I have to add some more information to the article if you deem appropriate, just tell me.

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