Stay Away from Shitcoins and Embrace Layer Two (2) Tokens

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The crypto revolution came with a lot of things, and one of them are shitcoins, which, as their name implies are coins that basically have no real purpose and, most of the time, don't have much value.

During the COVID-19 era, shitcoins caused a stir, but for the vast majority of people, they were a one-hit wonder in the cryptocurrency world. Simply purchase some, and if you are fortunate enough, it will be hyped up enough, the price will jump, and if you were smart enough to sell it off and pocket some profit, you will undoubtedly be in the black. Consider shitcoins such as the Doge coin, Safe Moon, and Shiba Inu; these were some of the most widely known shitcoins among the more than one hundred others that are currently in circulation.

Shitcoins are the most effective instruments for hit-and-run manoeuvres in the cryptocurrency market (basically pump-and-dump schemes). There is a good probability that you have hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions, of worthless shitcoins stored in your cryptocurrency wallets that add up to a total value of less than one dollar or something too insignificant.

No Hope for Shitcoins

I have a lot of them (shitcoins), and the interesting part of this is that there seems to be no hope for shitcoins, they keep losing intrinsic value after their hype period till they simply fade from existence. Trust me, very few are fortunate enough to benefit from shitcoins, and odds are you were fortunate for some and unfortunate for most.

Shitcoins are still very much in circulation and some crypto bloggers are still advocating them as good investment possibilities, but to be honest (not a financial advice though), I believe shitcoins are just shit, and you don't want to be seen playing with shit, you are too clean for that. So, what's better than a shitcoin? Layer 2 Tokens

Hive's Layer 2 Tokens

Hive is a wonderful platform (I can't say this enough). Layer two tokens, also known as tribe tokens or community tokens, are a unique blessing that is bestowed upon Hive users. These tokens basically assist users in diversifying their sources of income and investments beyond Hive and HBD. You can think of projects and their associated tokens like #archon, #bro (#mancave), #bee, #afit, #leo and more. Even non-token project rewards like #ecency points are more valued than the typical shitcoin. So, why not divert your resources?

Layer 2 tokens are a few of the best options you have here on the Hive blockchain. While making a quick buck may seem nice in the short term, having a consistent income stream and something more reliable and able to hold its intrinsic value for longer is a wise man's decision route, and layer 2 tokens are among the best options you have.

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