Manchester City vs Chelsea FC: A UCL final or an English Affair

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The art of laundering money using NFTs

I have been unable to wrap my head around the reason people pay a fortune for NFTs if not to launder money. Non-fungible token NFT is…

Harmless Frontend Bug spotted on Cubdefi exchange

Don’t get alarmed, it’s just a minor bug that can be removed in few lines of codes. The Leofinance team is one of the best thing that has…

My Friend just Launched a Token and I feel its destined for greatness.

How often do you support and motivate a friend of yours , well for me, I never do it and that is bad. Although most times I do have valid…

NFTs: How to turn your tweets to NFT and sell

The NFT hype is over everywhere now and one of the hype is ability to sell your tweets. This is a huge one for influencers who can take…

MoonMars and BSC Dog joins SFTcasino and upcoming developments

The SFTcasino deposit and withdrawal option is increasing with every passing day. MoonMars and BSC DOG holders can now deposit and…

SFTfinance and SFTcasino new updates: Email verification, poker, and DOGE deposits

Easter holiday is almost over worldwide and there is no better time to release some news than now. SFTcasino updates There are…

The New Dawn: Sportstalksocial lands on SftCasino is a casino platform that uses the SFT token on its platform. The SFT is a deflationary token on Binance Smart Chain that…

Sport Finance Project : Introduction, Tokenomics, and Roadmap

Introduction Sport Finance Project is a first of Sport projects on Binance Smart Chain that look to merge the Sports industry with…

Binance under investigation by CFTC

The largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume Binance is currently under investigation by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission…

My CubDefi review and expectations

I was one of the early bird of the Cubdefi on Binance Smartchain. Got some cub tokens at $3+ and started farming when the dens were…

Show of Shame: Nigeria CBN governor ignorance on cryptocurrencies

The governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria Godwin Emefiele just showed his ignorance on what cryptocurrencies are. The CBN governor on…

When will cryptocurrencies attain Money status?

I was going through my old notes when I encountered the topic Money in my business studies note. Money was defined as anything that is…

Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur match preview, team news, and prediction

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Airdrops: How to claim all Ethereum airdrops in a single click

There are lot of airdrops going out there on a daily basis that one lose count and can't keep up with. Airdrop is a way of giving crypto…

Nigeria Crypto ban: The slippery slope effect

The Nigeria Crypto ban is already having negative effects not only on Nigeria Crypto holders but fintechs in Nigeria. Providus bank that…

Binance Safepal Launchpad token allocation is shady

Transparency is key in any aspect human live. Transparency breeds trust that will make users follow you anywhere. Binance has so far…